Besraya Highway Challenge 2018
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29 Apr 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
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Pace *
31031773 Kwan Hoe Lo02:10:0213km Men's Open1448Male22161310:00 min/km
31011820 Joon Hee Tan02:10:0213km Men's Open1447Male22151310:00 min/km
30994053 Che Abdul Rahim Aida Syahida02:10:0113km Women's Open572Female8651310:00 min/km
31024452 Tan Yuan Yen02:10:0213km Women's Open573Female8671310:00 min/km
31064457 Pang Yu Pei02:10:1213km Women's Open575Female8691310:00 min/km
31054550 Solibun Stella02:10:1013km Women's Open574Female8681310:00 min/km
31045778 Beng Loon Lim02:10:0913km Men's Veteran706Male22171310:00 min/km
31006128 Isniwati Paniram02:10:0113km Women's Veteran251Female8661310:00 min/km
31085126 Shahrizal Rahim02:10:1813km Men's Veteran707Male22181310:01 min/km
31074285 Johar Suhana02:10:1313km Women's Open576Female8701310:01 min/km
31092435 Janus Choy02:10:2313km Men's Open1449Male22191310:01 min/km
31114011 Abu Bakar Nurul Ain02:10:2713km Women's Open577Female8711310:02 min/km
31144030 Xiao Ling Chow02:10:3113km Women's Open579Female8731310:02 min/km
31174362 Hashim Nor Haslina02:10:3513km Women's Open580Female8751310:02 min/km
31134418 Chui Chuen Lim02:10:3113km Women's Open578Female8721310:02 min/km
31101936 Azam Losin02:10:2613km Men's Open1450Male22201310:02 min/km
31182406 Sivabalan Thomas02:10:3713km Men's Open1453Male22231310:02 min/km
31161659 Chee Chai Chong02:10:3413km Men's Open1452Male22221310:02 min/km
31121701 Mohd Fadzrul Abd Malik02:10:3113km Men's Open1451Male22211310:02 min/km
31194695 Abu Bakar Nur Sheilah02:10:3813km Women's Open581Female8761310:02 min/km
31156079 Chong Yoon Yoon02:10:3413km Women's Veteran252Female8741310:02 min/km
31204694 Abu Bakar Nur Farhanah02:10:3913km Women's Open582Female8771310:03 min/km
31234808 Binti Bohari Nuratiyah02:10:4313km Women's Open584Female8791310:03 min/km
31224863 Kim Yoke Wong02:10:3913km Women's Open583Female8781310:03 min/km
31215685 Empaling Unjar02:10:3913km Men's Veteran708Male22241310:03 min/km
31244267 Abang Adenan Dayang Azwa02:10:4413km Women's Open585Female8801310:03 min/km
31252765 You Sheng Chew02:10:4513km Men's Open1454Male22251310:03 min/km
31314218 Najwa Atikah02:11:0113km Women's Open588Female8831310:04 min/km
31294177 Woong Erin02:10:5713km Women's Open586Female8811310:04 min/km
31304454 Nik Abd Aziz Nik Amanina Liyana02:10:5913km Women's Open587Female8821310:04 min/km
31281908 Shah Rezza Abd Samad02:10:5513km Men's Open1455Male22281310:04 min/km
31275650 Mohd Mohar Maarof02:10:5413km Men's Veteran710Male22271310:04 min/km
31265258 Mohamad Saharil Mohmad Salleh02:10:5413km Men's Veteran709Male22261310:04 min/km
31336202 Chung Chooi Kum02:11:1213km Women's Veteran253Female8841310:05 min/km
31341641 Alfred Gan02:11:1213km Men's Open1457Male22301310:05 min/km
31354312 Su Ann Poh02:11:1513km Women's Open589Female8851310:05 min/km
31322647 Lim Kim Siong02:11:1013km Men's Open1456Male22291310:05 min/km
31373013 Mohd Saiful Bakhri Bin Roslan02:11:2613km Men's Open1458Male22321310:06 min/km
31384091 Lee Min Chie02:11:2813km Women's Open590Female8861310:06 min/km
31401211 Kah Jung Leong02:11:3013km Men's Open1459Male22331310:06 min/km
31365081 Abdul Halim Hambali02:11:1913km Men's Veteran711Male22311310:06 min/km
31394882 Mohamed Azri Nafhatun Athirah02:11:2813km Women's Open591Female8871310:06 min/km
31445220 Chee Fai Lee02:11:3613km Men's Veteran713Male22371310:07 min/km
31435221 Yoke Wei Low02:11:3613km Men's Veteran712Male22361310:07 min/km
31451133 Lourdes Clave02:11:3813km International Women38Female8881310:07 min/km
31422648 Lam Chee Quan02:11:3513km Men's Open1461Male22351310:07 min/km
31412611 Chook Yu Han02:11:3513km Men's Open1460Male22341310:07 min/km
31514017 Chong Shing Han02:11:5013km Women's Open594Female8921310:08 min/km
31484211 Zafarisura Farahain02:11:4413km Women's Open592Female8891310:08 min/km
31494233 Yap Pauline02:11:4713km Women's Open593Female8901310:08 min/km
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