Nike Women's 10K
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4 Apr 2015
Official Results
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Net Time
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12011Yiu Kit Ching  00:36:23FinishedWomens 2116.5 km/h
22063Ho Lok Man  00:42:25FinishedWomens 2214.1 km/h
32248Mok Chi Ling  00:42:33FinishedWomens 2314.1 km/h
43975Cheung Hoi Wah  00:42:45FinishedWomens Open114.0 km/h
53855Leong Yuen Fan  00:42:50FinishedWomens Open214.0 km/h
63940Leung Wing Yan  00:43:11FinishedWomens Open313.9 km/h
7733Szeto Leanne  00:43:24FinishedWomens 1113.8 km/h
83428Sproston Rachel  00:43:36FinishedWomens Open413.8 km/h
92579Vut Tsz Ying  00:43:43FinishedWomens 2413.7 km/h
103943Lowry Michelle  00:43:45FinishedWomens Open513.7 km/h
113Lee Suet Ying  00:43:48FinishedJunior113.7 km/h
12314Wong Tsz Yan  00:43:59FinishedWomens 1213.6 km/h
134121Ching Flora  00:44:03FinishedWomens Open613.6 km/h
143425Castka Gillian  00:44:10FinishedWomens Open713.6 km/h
15682Wong Janet  00:44:46FinishedWomens 1313.4 km/h
163557Lau Nicole  00:44:54FinishedWomens Open813.4 km/h
173967Fan Sui Ping  00:44:55FinishedWomens Open913.4 km/h
183716LI Yui Ming  00:45:24FinishedWomens Open1013.2 km/h
19121Shi Nicole Xiaoyang  00:45:33FinishedJunior213.2 km/h
20208Choi Coco  00:45:34FinishedWomens 1413.2 km/h
213960Chan Pui Shan  00:45:50FinishedWomens Open1113.1 km/h
223916Wong Wing Yin  00:46:09FinishedWomens Open1213.0 km/h
233971Tong Carlay  00:46:26FinishedWomens Open1312.9 km/h
243961Lui Shuk Han  00:47:02FinishedWomens Open1412.8 km/h
25506Chan On Ki  00:47:05FinishedWomens 1512.7 km/h
264004Ma Melody  00:47:08FinishedWomens Open1512.7 km/h
271435Chan Shuk Ying  00:47:09FinishedWomens 1612.7 km/h
281259Tsang Wing Hei  00:47:29FinishedWomens 1712.6 km/h
293628Tiu Pui Kwan  00:47:33FinishedWomens Open1612.6 km/h
301300Cheng Tsz Ki  00:47:40FinishedWomens 1812.6 km/h
31585Lee Tin Yan  00:47:48FinishedWomens 1912.5 km/h
32612Fung Ka Lee  00:48:01FinishedWomens 11012.5 km/h
333589Yip Kwan Yau  00:48:01FinishedWomens Open1712.5 km/h
343790Chung Jasmine 鍾慧姿00:48:04FinishedWomens Open1812.5 km/h
353977Yip Sze Chung  00:48:04FinishedWomens Open1912.5 km/h
363447Ng Sau Man  00:48:04FinishedWomens Open2012.5 km/h
374132Tsang Joyce  00:48:11FinishedWomens Open2112.4 km/h
38324Yip Mona  00:48:24FinishedWomens 11112.4 km/h
39863Lee Yan Yee  00:48:25FinishedWomens 11212.4 km/h
402210Chan Kathy  00:48:27FinishedWomens 2512.4 km/h
413969Ho Wai Yee  00:48:29FinishedWomens Open2212.4 km/h
421150Wu Sin Hung  00:48:38FinishedWomens 11312.3 km/h
432026Chan Joey Ho Ling  00:48:47FinishedWomens 2612.3 km/h
442659Tsui Chung Yuet  00:48:52FinishedWomens 2712.3 km/h
453947Fung Yuen Yan  00:48:56FinishedWomens Open2312.3 km/h
46126Von Pflug Delia  00:48:57FinishedJunior312.3 km/h
474247Yan Yan  00:49:01FinishedWomens Open2412.2 km/h
484153Lam Mei Ling  00:49:02FinishedWomens Open2512.2 km/h
493105Wong Wendy  00:49:06FinishedWomens Open2612.2 km/h
502157Cheng Hiu Yee  00:49:08FinishedWomens 2812.2 km/h
Page 1 of 70 (3471 items)

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