Nike Women's 10K
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4 Apr 2015
Official Results
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841Au Yeung Claire Hok Ka  00:51:27FinishedJunior611.7 km/h
12092Lin Jessie  01:11:05FinishedJunior41 8.4 km/h
113Lee Suet Ying  00:43:48FinishedJunior113.7 km/h
7564Chung Kristy  01:06:20FinishedJunior24 9.0 km/h
6525Tsang Hoiman  01:05:01FinishedJunior19 9.2 km/h
6Leung Vanessa  DNSDNSJunior 
7Yeung Karen Hoi Tung  DNSDNSJunior 
25868Ma Sze Wai  01:27:59FinishedJunior106 6.8 km/h
9Leung Cheuk Wing  DNSDNSJunior 
78010Au Ho Ying  01:06:35FinishedJunior27 9.0 km/h
220811Velika Velika  01:21:39FinishedJunior85 7.3 km/h
115912Chang Ariel  01:10:30FinishedJunior40 8.5 km/h
101713Li Karen  01:09:10FinishedJunior36 8.7 km/h
121114Kwok Fedora Hoi Yan  01:11:06FinishedJunior42 8.4 km/h
222315Fong Li Wai  01:21:51FinishedJunior86 7.3 km/h
16Kwok Yee Sum  DNSDNSJunior 
17Chan Kate Ho Ting  DNSDNSJunior 
192718Chan Sze Ching  01:18:22FinishedJunior77 7.7 km/h
255119Hong Tsz Ching  01:27:14FinishedJunior100 6.9 km/h
172420Chan Mun Ting Jenny  01:16:33FinishedJunior71 7.8 km/h
50821Lee Hoi Ching  01:03:05FinishedJunior15 9.5 km/h
246822Yeu Jodie Man Yu  01:25:46FinishedJunior97 7.0 km/h
23Ng Yee Sum  DNSDNSJunior 
209324Lam Hiu Tung  01:20:17FinishedJunior81 7.5 km/h
230525Lam Fabian Ka Man  01:23:02FinishedJunior88 7.2 km/h
65926Lo Ka Lam  01:05:13FinishedJunior20 9.2 km/h
27Chan Yui Ki  DNSDNSJunior 
250028Tong Tsz Sum  01:26:27FinishedJunior99 6.9 km/h
230229Chau Natalie  01:23:00FinishedJunior87 7.2 km/h
214930Chan Man Ting  01:20:58FinishedJunior83 7.4 km/h
31Cheung Po Lai  DNSDNSJunior 
129632Cheung Kwai Hin  01:12:03FinishedJunior44 8.3 km/h
33Wong Sheung Yee  DNSDNSJunior 
134334Wong Hiu Tung  01:12:29FinishedJunior49 8.3 km/h
133935Hon Hannah  01:12:28FinishedJunior48 8.3 km/h
164436Ma Pui Ying  01:15:39FinishedJunior64 7.9 km/h
76337Choy Sin Yee  01:06:25FinishedJunior25 9.0 km/h
38Li Yan Ting  DNSDNSJunior 
63039Chun Ka Ki  01:04:46FinishedJunior18 9.3 km/h
242940Chan Lok Hang  01:25:14FinishedJunior95 7.0 km/h
92041So Yin Ting  01:08:08FinishedJunior33 8.8 km/h
85842Fung Annie  01:07:32FinishedJunior29 8.9 km/h
256643Cheung Wing Yan  01:27:40FinishedJunior103 6.8 km/h
152544Castro Laura  01:14:21FinishedJunior60 8.1 km/h
142445Dong Victoria  01:13:24FinishedJunior53 8.2 km/h
147146Cheng Yi Ling  01:13:47FinishedJunior57 8.1 km/h
274847Kwan Wing Sze  01:36:39FinishedJunior114 6.2 km/h
93348Xiao Han  01:08:16FinishedJunior35 8.8 km/h
216049Hung Ching Man  01:21:05FinishedJunior84 7.4 km/h
50Ho Sum Yee  DNSDNSJunior 
Page 1 of 70 (3471 items)

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