King Of The Hill - Hong Kong Island
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26 Nov 2017
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中文姓名 *
1271120Chi Chung Tam 02:44:54Male 50-5415106
1111151Wai Keung Wong 02:37:33Male 40-441892
581154Luigi Lau 02:22:23Male 45-49850
2181160Pak Chung Lo 03:29:36Male 55-5915167
1561173Tom Leung 02:57:28Male 40-4427125
1851186Bob Sia 03:09:44Male 40-4430143
2021190Sherwin Ng 03:18:49Male Open49155
2071199Wing Yan Tam 03:20:29Male 55-5914160
1151039Tsang Fu Kan 02:40:04Male 40-442096
191045Wan Ho Isaac Yuen 02:06:40Male Open1019
181232Steve Wong 02:06:35Male 55-59218
91233Frank Riehm 01:56:15Male 40-4429
111235Alan Zagury 02:01:38Male 40-44311
31242Tim Marchant 01:51:03Male 45-4913
251244Jean-Francois Raymond 02:10:22Male 40-44625
11245Kevin FS 01:41:35Male Open11
331246Charlotte Taquet 02:12:53Female Open12
981247Kate Martin 02:32:07Female 50 & Over219
1481248Yuk Pui Poon 02:53:35Female 50 & Over329
761249Kwok Keung Yeung 02:27:13Male 55-59764
431251Yee Ting Chris Kwan 02:16:55Female 40-4924
571254Nathalie Darbon 02:21:11Female 40-4938
61255Seth Fischer 01:54:34Male 45-4926
1321259Hing Keung Tsang 02:46:33Male 60 & Over4109
1231260G Fraissinet 02:42:57Male Open36103
1871262Daniel Cheng 03:10:32Male 45-4927145
1391263David Seex 02:50:37Male 55-5911113
261264Justin Haik 02:10:26Male 45-49526
1071265Tom Meganck 02:37:03Male 45-491688
2561266Sik Wah Ku 04:14:10Male 55-5917189
301267Pieterjan Vanbuggenhout 02:12:14Male Open1429
1141237Chun Tung Peter Wong 02:38:20Male 60 & Over295
291238Vivian Lee 02:10:49Female 40-4911
991240Tak Shing Ray Yuen 02:32:12Male 60 & Over180
2151209Anthony Chan 03:26:21Male 40-4433165
21214Baptiste Puyou 01:47:21Male Open22
2581269Marianette Natividad 04:21:35Female Open3768
1381270Oliver Luebbert 02:50:37Male 45-4921112
551272Lucie Frossard 02:20:59Female Open46
731274Sharon Koelewyn 02:26:48Female Open812
911276Leon Mirochnik 02:31:43Male Open2874
361278Kristian Murfitt 02:13:08Male 50-54234
1691279Janet Irvine 03:01:33Female Open2135
1811281Marc Sexton 03:06:56Male 50-5424140
921282Fredelyn Alberto 02:31:45Female Open1118
1711283Frank Pilkington 03:02:19Male 60 & Over6136
831286Marcus de la Mare 02:30:02Male 40-441369
2361291Jocelyn Benitez 03:42:36Female 40-491559
2111292John Gough 03:23:33Male 45-4930163
1501293Yuen Kei Chan 02:55:22Male 40-4425121
Page 1 of 6 (267 items)

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