St Albans 12hr Race
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01 September 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1224 St Albans Striders (Team 1)11:44:51team of 41Mixed128
2219 Run Forrest Run11:51:18team of 42Mixed224
3202 Pizza Go-Rilla11:53:37team of 43Mixed324
4217 The Good, the Bad & the Rugby11:34:14team of 44Mixed422
5102 Prefer To Run Up A Bar Bill11:44:03pairs1Mixed522
6110 Best Foot Forwards11:53:10pairs2Mixed622
7225 Time Wounds All Heels11:55:37team of 45Mixed722
8113 Agony In Defeet11:28:50pairs3Mixed821
9104 Team Hosty11:38:17pairs4Mixed921
10205 Crabtree School10:23:02team of 46Mixed1020
11201 Team Jacs11:23:34team of 47Mixed1120
12207 My Only Friend The End11:31:38team of 48Mixed1220
13303 North Herts Road Runners11:36:28team of 81Mixed1320
14203 Leg It Lodgers11:36:47team of 49Mixed1420
15304 Mums On The Run11:37:48team of 82Mixed1520
16206 Running For Sanity11:44:14team of 410Mixed1620
17211 Four Fearless Females11:45:02team of 411Mixed1720
18221 The Runtastic Four11:52:23team of 412Mixed1820
19218 Saints Go Running11:55:40team of 413Mixed1920
20111 Are We There Yet?11:27:18pairs5Mixed2019
21107 Brighton Buses Go Round And Round11:28:17pairs6Mixed2119
2272Jay Macdonald11:28:24solo1Male119
23204 Scouting For Miles11:10:52team of 414Mixed2218
24209 Thameslink When Working!11:12:37team of 415Mixed2318
25213 Heartwood Hares Remix11:24:11team of 416Mixed2418
26212 #sensible11:29:38team of 417Mixed2518
27101 Purple Divas11:35:56pairs7Mixed2618
28215 We Love Hills11:36:46team of 418Mixed2718
29106 Hollingbury Striders11:39:58pairs8Mixed2818
30208 Quads Of Fury11:54:37team of 419Mixed2918
31301 Wheathampstead Warriors (Team 1)10:06:59team of 83Mixed3017
321Laura Hicks11:20:37solo1Female117
3365Peter Harvey11:20:55solo2Male217
3451Alan Clark11:38:55solo3Male317
35214 Not Fast, but Fabulous11:51:52team of 420Mixed3117
36222 Scrambled Legs11:54:18team of 421Mixed3217
37220 Hamstrings On Fire11:56:19team of 422Mixed3317
38112 Team Combat Gym09:30:34pairs9Mixed3416
39108 Purple Hoodies10:07:18pairs10Mixed3516
40105 Two Red Arrows10:36:18pairs11Mixed3616
4176Andrew Mckillop11:31:01solo4Male416
4262Alastair Green11:42:54solo5Male516
43302 Wheathampstead Warriors (Team 2)11:49:28team of 84Mixed3716
44216 Danish Girls09:16:44team of 423Mixed3815
4584Jon Panter10:24:26solo6Male615
4674Michael Martin11:18:20solo7Male715
47226 Four Seasons11:45:57team of 424Mixed3915
48114Chris Williams10:24:10solo8Male814
49115Christopher Wognum11:33:06solo9Male914
5083Alan Routledge11:35:56solo10Male1014
Page 1 of 3 (131 items)