Run for Beer Relay
25 May 2018


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FavPosRace NoNameNameTimeTimeCategoryGenderLap1Lap2Lap3Lap4
139 Chariots for Hire Chariots for Hire
#39 Male Mens Team
00:44:2700:44:27Mens TeamMale00:10:4200:12:0900:11:1200:10:22
250 KHRC - Not as fast as our old boys KHRC - Not as fast as our old boys
#50 Male Mens Team
00:45:1900:45:19Mens TeamMale00:11:0600:11:4800:11:4200:10:42
353 Four King Heathens Four King Heathens
#53 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
00:46:1100:46:11Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:11:3200:11:4700:11:5800:10:52
446 Old Hooky Old Hooky
#46 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
00:48:0200:48:02Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:11:5300:12:4100:11:5400:11:33
543 We Don'r Tri We Don'r Tri
#43 Male Mens Team
00:49:1300:49:13Mens TeamMale00:13:0900:12:0500:13:1800:10:40
667 Northbrook Men A Northbrook Men A
#67 Male Mens Team
00:49:4300:49:43Mens TeamMale00:11:4800:12:4600:12:4400:12:23
#16 Mixed Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)
00:49:5100:49:51Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)Mixed00:12:3600:12:3900:12:2900:12:06
873 KHRC Got the runs? KHRC Got the runs?
#73 Male Mens Team
00:50:0000:50:00Mens TeamMale00:13:0100:12:3900:12:2800:11:50
92 Better Late Than Never Better Late Than Never
#2 Mixed Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)
00:50:2200:50:22Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)Mixed00:11:5300:14:1100:12:4800:11:29
1069 Northbrook Men Vets Northbrook Men Vets
#69 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
00:50:5100:50:51Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:12:0000:12:3100:12:5100:13:28
1142 Not too old to Tri Not too old to Tri
#42 Mixed Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)
00:51:4000:51:40Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)Mixed00:13:3900:12:5400:12:5200:12:13
1220 Younger than we look Younger than we look
#20 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
00:52:4100:52:41Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:14:0600:13:2900:12:3500:12:30
1325 Taxmanian Devils Taxmanian Devils
#25 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
00:52:4700:52:47Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:13:2200:13:2700:13:3500:12:21
1452 KHRC - Cowboys and Indian's KHRC - Cowboys and Indian's
#52 Male Mens Team
00:53:1400:53:14Mens TeamMale00:14:3300:13:2700:13:0500:12:08
1528 Save me a beer! Save me a beer!
#28 Mixed Corporate Team
00:53:1600:53:16Corporate TeamMixed00:11:0200:13:5500:14:4500:13:32
1658 KHRC Garministas KHRC Garministas
#58 Male Mens Team
00:53:4100:53:41Mens TeamMale00:13:0100:12:5000:13:2600:14:22
179 Storm Geomatics Storm Geomatics
#9 Mixed Corporate Team
00:53:4100:53:41Corporate TeamMixed00:12:3000:13:1500:16:4300:11:11
1865 Northbrook Ladies A Northbrook Ladies A
#65 Female Ladies Team
00:53:5700:53:57Ladies TeamFemale00:12:0600:13:4200:13:5900:14:08
1934 Triathlon Redditch Adoption Services Triathlon Redditch Adoption Servic..
#34 Mixed Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)
00:55:0700:55:07Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)Mixed00:13:0600:14:1300:14:5500:12:51
2036 Striders Red Striders Red
#36 Mixed Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)
00:55:2000:55:20Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)Mixed00:13:1700:13:0000:14:2100:14:41
2151 Team Loxley Team Loxley
#51 Mixed Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)
00:55:3600:55:36Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)Mixed00:14:1800:14:1200:14:2200:12:43
225 These guys need a beer These guys need a beer
#5 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
00:56:1100:56:11Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:12:3700:14:5700:12:5100:15:44
2368 Northbrook Men Super Vets A Northbrook Men Super Vets A
#68 Mixed Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)
00:56:1100:56:11Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)Mixed00:14:3300:13:4000:14:0200:13:55
2472 MEN 4 MEN 4
#72 Mixed Pub Team
00:56:1700:56:17Pub TeamMixed00:14:3500:16:5200:12:4200:12:06
2514 Blue ladies Blue ladies
#14 Female Ladies Team
00:57:2600:57:26Ladies TeamFemale00:13:5900:13:5600:14:3800:14:52
2659 KHRC - Kegs and Legs KHRC - Kegs and Legs
#59 Female Ladies Team
00:57:2900:57:29Ladies TeamFemale00:14:5300:14:1800:14:4400:13:32
2727 Dads and lads Dads and lads
#27 Male Mens Team
00:57:3600:57:36Mens TeamMale00:13:2000:13:2300:16:1700:14:34
2861 Whale alements Whale alements
#61 Mixed Pub Team
00:57:4300:57:43Pub TeamMixed00:13:2700:15:5600:16:4700:11:30
2977 Hayward Elite Endurance Project Hayward Elite Endurance Project
#77 Male Mens Team
00:57:4900:57:49Mens TeamMale00:14:0700:16:3800:14:4800:12:15
3054 3 Men and a Little Lady 3 Men and a Little Lady
#54 Mixed Pub Team
00:58:4700:58:47Pub TeamMixed00:13:3400:14:3000:15:2100:15:21
3130 Blood, Sweat And Beers Blood, Sweat And Beers
#30 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
00:59:0100:59:01Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:15:1900:14:2000:13:5100:15:30
3240 Chariots of Dire Chariots of Dire
#40 Mixed Pub Team
00:59:0500:59:05Pub TeamMixed00:14:1100:17:3100:15:0300:12:18
3310 Manley Memorial Manley Memorial
#10 Mixed Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)
00:59:1600:59:16Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)Mixed00:14:5200:16:1000:16:0300:12:09
3435 The Insane Bolts 1.0 The Insane Bolts 1.0
#35 Mixed Corporate Team
00:59:1600:59:16Corporate TeamMixed00:15:1400:18:0500:13:4000:12:15
357 Everybody chill we found the beer Everybody chill we found the beer
#7 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
00:59:1800:59:18Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:13:0000:16:5600:15:3800:13:42
3637 Striders Green Striders Green
#37 Mixed Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)
00:59:1900:59:19Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)Mixed00:14:3600:16:0500:14:4600:13:50
3719 Navy Teals (Bournville) Navy Teals (Bournville)
#19 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
00:59:2100:59:21Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:14:5400:18:0200:12:3600:13:48
3878 Unbrakables Unbrakables
#78 Male Mens Team
00:59:2400:59:24Mens TeamMale00:14:1700:15:5300:13:4200:15:31
3966 Northbrook Ladies SuperVets Northbrook Ladies SuperVets
#66 Mixed Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)
00:59:2800:59:28Super Vets Team (combined age 200yrs+)Mixed00:14:2400:14:0200:15:1500:15:45
4011 Dan's Driveline Dashers Dan's Driveline Dashers
#11 Mixed Corporate Team
00:59:3200:59:32Corporate TeamMixed00:14:0500:16:0100:15:1400:14:10
4132 New inn New inn
#32 Mixed Pub Team
01:00:5701:00:57Pub TeamMixed00:14:3500:13:3000:20:2300:12:27
4256 KHRC Lion-ado KHRC Lion-ado
#56 Male Mens Team
01:01:0501:01:05Mens TeamMale00:14:3500:16:3000:15:3900:14:20
4341 Chariots of Fire Chariots of Fire
#41 Mixed Pub Team
01:01:1301:01:13Pub TeamMixed00:16:5800:14:5000:14:0300:15:21
4421 Badgers Badgers
#21 Mixed Corporate Team
01:01:1701:01:17Corporate TeamMixed00:14:3000:19:4700:14:4400:12:14
4529 Friyays Friyays
#29 Mixed Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)
01:01:4401:01:44Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)Mixed00:16:1400:15:4000:15:3600:14:13
4633 KHRC - Run for beer? We also run for cheers! KHRC - Run for beer? We also run f..
#33 Mixed Pub Team
01:01:4501:01:45Pub TeamMixed00:16:3100:13:0600:16:4300:15:24
478 Certified Beer testers Certified Beer testers
#8 Mixed Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)
01:02:5901:02:59Veteran Team (combined age 160yrs+)Mixed00:14:0100:18:2100:15:4100:14:55
#49 Mixed Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)
01:03:1201:03:12Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)Mixed00:14:2900:15:2400:17:1800:16:00
4913 George's Gallopers George's Gallopers
#13 Mixed Corporate Team
01:03:1301:03:13Corporate TeamMixed00:16:4600:21:5400:12:1500:12:17
5045 We are considerablay slower than yow We are considerablay slower than y..
#45 Mixed Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)
01:04:0301:04:03Mixed Team (2 male + 2 female)Mixed00:16:2500:16:2200:16:1600:14:59
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