Timberhonger 10k
14 Jul 2018


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FavPosRace NoNameTimeNet TimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosClub
1707Bailey Boyd-Aust00:05:3300:00:00M 11 to 141Male1
2793Harry Williams00:05:3700:00:00M 11 to 142Male2BROMSGROVE AND REDDITCH AC
3748Theo Lindsay00:05:5100:00:00M 11 to 143Male3BROMSGROVE AND REDDITCH AC
4799Peter Palmer00:06:0600:00:00M 11 to 144Male4
5717Hannah Dale00:06:0600:00:00F 11 to 141Female1Bromsgrove and Redditch Athletics Club
6760Alexander Payne00:06:1200:00:00M 8 to 101Male5Droitwich AC
7808Henry Churchill00:06:1600:00:00M 11 to 145Male6
8773Jonathan Sullivan00:06:1800:00:00M 11 to 146Male7Droitwich AC
9819Cerys Brook00:06:2000:00:00F 8 to 101Female2Halesowen A & CC
10801Ethan Lewis00:06:3600:00:00M 8 to 102Male8
11745Joshua Leonisio00:06:4000:00:00M 11 to 147Male9
12711Josh Byng00:06:4500:00:00M 11 to 148Male10
13757Edward Nowak00:06:4800:00:00M 8 to 103Male11
14847Flynn Little00:06:4900:00:00M 11 to 149Male12
15851Ryan Duss00:06:5400:00:00M 8 to 104Male13
16730Amelie Godfrey00:06:5700:00:00F 11 to 142Female3
17759Louisa Parkes00:06:5700:00:00F 8 to 102Female4
18784Clover Webster00:07:0100:00:00F 11 to 143Female5
19842Celia Atkins00:07:0100:00:00F 8 to 103Female6
20732Dylan Grasby00:07:0700:00:00M 8 to 105Male14Redditch Stars
21749Daniel Lloyd00:07:0800:00:00M 11 to 1410Male15
22823Darcey Hocking00:07:0900:00:00F 8 to 104Female7
23724Jed Fairhurst00:07:1000:00:00M 8 to 106Male16I like cheese
24769Charlie Saul00:07:1100:00:00M 11 to 1411Male17
25733Liam Grasby00:07:1200:00:00M 11 to 1412Male18Redditch Stars
26839Esme Dentith00:07:1400:00:00F 11 to 144Female8Ryland Runners
27840Eliza Atkins00:07:1600:00:00F 11 to 145Female9
28705Jacob Bayley00:07:2000:00:00M 11 to 1413Male19
29702Marcus Ariga00:07:2000:00:00M 8 to 107Male20
30791Harriet Wilkes00:07:2300:00:00Female10
31800Ethan Butt00:07:2800:00:00M 11 to 1414Male21
32734Jack Gumley00:07:2900:00:00M 8 to 108Male22
33848Megan Boyle00:07:3100:00:00F 8 to 105Female11
34755Oliver Morgan00:07:3200:00:00M 8 to 109Male23Redditch Stars
35746Samuel Leonisio00:07:3300:00:00M 11 to 1415Male24
36736Aaliyah N.J. Harris00:07:3300:00:00F 11 to 146Female12Avoncroft Hurriers
37756Keira Morris00:07:3400:00:00F 11 to 147Female13
38838Kara-Rose Welborn00:07:3600:00:00F 8 to 106Female14
39843Joe Humphreys00:07:3600:00:00M 11 to 1416Male25
40720James Duck00:07:5500:00:00M 8 to 1010Male26
41701Alex Ariga00:07:5800:00:00M 8 to 1011Male27
42778Hannah Thompson00:07:5900:00:00F 8 to 107Female15
43821Kristian Husbands00:08:0000:00:00M 8 to 1012Male28
44765Edward Pike00:08:0400:00:00M 11 to 1417Male29
45753Niamh Mcgee00:08:0900:00:00F 8 to 108Female16
46835Maya Smailes00:08:1000:00:00F 8 to 109Female17
47704Charlie Barnes-Maiden00:08:1000:00:00M 8 to 1013Male30
48770Helena Smith00:08:1600:00:00F 11 to 148Female18
49780Cory Tipper00:08:1700:00:00M 8 to 1014Male31
50795Millie Wood00:08:1800:00:00F 8 to 1010Female19Redditch Stars
Page 1 of 2 (80 items)