Army Sports UK North Cross Country Team & Individual Championships
14 Nov 2018


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FavPosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosTeam TypeTeamTeam Pos
11234Lt Fisher00:40:15M Jun1Male JuniorArmy Foundation College1
21160Sgt Grant00:40:40M Sen1Major Unit4 Scots2
31138Wo2 Bugg00:40:54M Sen2Major Unit5ra1
41156Col Sgt Boyle00:41:01M Sen3Major Unit4 Scots2
51274Capt Taylor00:41:10M Sen4Minor Unit5med Regt Minor
61076Sgt Ewens00:41:36M Sen5Major Unit26ra6
71097Capt Gardner00:41:56M Sen6Major UnitRl5
81189Cpl Wilkins00:41:58M Sen7Major UnitItc3
91233Mr Mcguire00:42:17M Masters1Male MastersArmy Foundation College
101112Capt Axon00:42:35M Sen8Major Unit3rha
111185Cpl Douglas00:42:36M Sen9Major UnitItc3
121199Sgt Beattie00:42:37M Sen10Major UnitItc3
131147Pte Smith00:42:42M Sen11Major Unit5ra1
1411022lt Free00:42:49M Sen12Major UnitRl5
151140Ssgt Young00:43:01M Sen13Major Unit5ra1
161186Cpl Williams00:43:03M Sen14Major UnitItc3
171224Js Campbell00:43:10M Jun2Male JuniorArmy Foundation College1
181157L Cpl Oyuga00:43:24M Sen15Major Unit4 Scots2
191237Wo2 Allen00:43:30M Sen16Minor UnitArmy Foundation College
201167Ssgt Udall00:43:44M Sen17Minor Unit2sr1
211228Js Owen-Aarmstrong00:43:48M Jun3Male JuniorArmy Foundation College1
221148Lbo Kirby00:43:55M Sen18Major Unit5ra1
231182Wo2 Hack00:43:59M Masters2Male Masters34 Field Hospital
241236Sgt Ricj=hardson00:44:01M Sen19Minor UnitArmy Foundation College
251161 Glanville00:44:07M Jun4Major Unit4 Scots2
2611282lt Dewhurst00:44:11M Jun5Male JuniorNuotc2
271151Wo2 Mcguigan00:44:20M Sen20Minor Unit102 Reme
281119Ssgt Laker00:44:29M Sen21Major Unit21 Eng4
291244Capt Whitaker00:44:30M Sen22Major Unit1cs Reme
301164Lt Redman00:44:33M Jun6Major Unit4 Scots2
3111372lt Woodward00:44:47M Sen23Major Unit5ra1
321142Ssgt Brown00:44:51M Sen24Major Unit5ra1
331180L Cpl Innes00:44:53M Sen25Minor Unit34 Field Hospital
341187Cpl Surghi00:44:54M Jun7Major UnitItc3
351163Ssgt Parvington00:45:03M Sen26Major Unit4 Scots2
361109Pvte Dickinson00:45:35M Sen27Major Unit32 Engineers
371259Sgt Lavery00:45:37M Sen28Major Unit4ra
381126Spk Long00:45:49M Sen29Major Unit21 Eng4
391139Wo2 Passmore00:45:50M Sen30Major Unit5ra1
401245Cfn Buckly-Hill00:45:55M Jun8Male Junior1cs Reme
411281Ocdt Nichols00:45:57M Jun9Male JuniorYotr3
421262Cpl Scott00:45:59M Sen31Major Unit4ra
431116Lbdr Chapman00:46:02M Sen32Major Unit3rha
441135Capt Mathers00:46:04M Masters3Male Masters5ra1
451133Ocdt Shaw00:46:12M Jun10Male JuniorNuotc2
461232Col Kaiser00:46:19M Sen33Minor UnitArmy Foundation College
471253Lt Shelton00:46:21M Sen34Minor UnitDst
481177Pvte Fisher00:46:21M Sen35Minor Unit34 Field Hospital
491143Sgt Edwards00:46:21M Sen36Major Unit5ra1
501254Cr Nelson00:46:25M Masters4Male Masters299 Para2
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