Over The Hills 12k 2013
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3 Nov 2013
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1350Charles Pennington44:17Top 31Male1Royal Navy Athletics15.6 km/h
2100Paul Ryman44:28Top 32Male2Frome Tri Club15.5 km/h
3235Guy Woods47:15Top 33Male3 14.6 km/h
498Tom Dudden47:31sen1Male4Team Bath AC14.5 km/h
572Allister Sheffield47:56sen2Male5Team Bath AC14.4 km/h
6342Andrew Malloy48:28vet401Male6Bristol & West AC14.3 km/h
7119Alex Smith48:29sen3Male7 14.3 km/h
880Adam Wells48:58sen4Male8 14.1 km/h
982Jim Plunkett-Cole49:28vet402Male9Town & Country Harriers14.0 km/h
10261Martin Ford49:38vet403Male10 13.9 km/h
1194Chris Maxwell49:50vet404Male11Chippenham Harriers13.9 km/h
12136Iain Adams49:55sen5Male12Team Kennet13.8 km/h
13279Ruth Barnes49:59Top 31Female1Avon Valley Runners13.8 km/h
14322Matthew Griffin50:01sen6Male13Cycology Bikes13.8 km/h
15225Holly Rush50:04Top 32Female2Team Bath AC13.8 km/h
16347Peter Veleski50:18sen7Male14Avon Valley Runners13.7 km/h
17339Paul Synnott50:26vet451Male15 13.7 km/h
18265Stephen Rose50:46vet405Male16Team Bath AC13.6 km/h
19204Trevor Batey50:54sen8Male17Chippenham Harriers13.6 km/h
20249Niall Urquhart50:58vet501Male18Team Bath AC13.6 km/h
21200Ben Anderson51:04vet406Male19BAD Tri13.5 km/h
22234James Stratford51:18sen9Male20Avon Valley Runners13.5 km/h
23232Barry Awan51:27vet407Male21Team Bath AC13.4 km/h
24268Lee Green51:34sen10Male22 13.4 km/h
2522Chris Hutton51:39sen11Male23Chippenham Harriers13.4 km/h
26312Simon Robinson51:42vet408Male24Avon Valley Runners13.4 km/h
2710Tony Blackburn51:55vet409Male25 13.3 km/h
2885Matthew Potton51:58vet4010Male26Unattached13.3 km/h
2976Mark Mackintosh52:01vet452Male27Team Bath AC13.3 km/h
30187Hayden Coate52:20vet4011Male28Frome Running Club13.2 km/h
31287Nicolas Young52:29sen12Male29Great Western Runners13.2 km/h
32165Chris Scothern52:31sen13Male30Chippenham Harriers13.2 km/h
33247David Vaudin52:34vet551Male31Team Bath AC13.1 km/h
34115Colin Swanney52:38sen14Male32Team Bath AC13.1 km/h
35336Mark Blake52:42vet4012Male33Hot Chilli Tri13.1 km/h
36238Ben Lang52:47sen15Male34Bath BATS13.1 km/h
37214Ian Noad52:49vet502Male35Somer AC13.1 km/h
3877Peter Killey52:51vet453Male36 13.1 km/h
39240Andrew Maggs53:19vet503Male37Team Bath AC13.0 km/h
4059Clare Prosser53:22Top 33Female3Wells City Harriers13.0 km/h
41153Keith Tabley53:32vet4013Male38 12.9 km/h
42278Richard Schofield53:34vet504Male39Chippenham Harriers12.9 km/h
43281Julian Sheppard53:54vet4014Male40 12.8 km/h
44328Catherine Lee54:17sen1Female4Dulwich Runners AC12.7 km/h
4575Robert Kingdon54:19vet454Male41Bitton Road Runners12.7 km/h
46145Neil Perry54:24sen16Male42Chippenham Harriers12.7 km/h
4760Luke Maggs54:38sen17Male43Hot Chilli Tri12.6 km/h
48146Ed Husband54:58vet4015Male44 12.6 km/h
4919Graham Goldsmid55:06vet505Male45Wells City Harriers12.5 km/h
50260Kevin Gover55:32vet506Male46Avon Valley Runners12.4 km/h
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