2014 Alcoa Dusk Till Dawn
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29 Nov 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Second Categ
Second Categ Pos
1105Night hawks 11:41:28Trio Male1 1Male20
2150Aint no VHS 11:50:06Trio Mixed1 1Mixed20
3111Team Cooee 11:59:52Trio Male2 2Male20
4116Road & Dirt 11:52:05Duo Male1 3Male19
5119Chapman River Crew 11:55:20Trio Male3 4Male19
6138Giant Perth 11:56:42Duo Male2 5Male19
7147Bromance and the Bear 11:40:02Trio Mixed2 2Mixed18
838Brian Sing 11:42:12Solo Male1 6Male18
9149Boon it Rando! 11:45:56Trio Male4 7Male18
10117House of Bayliss 11:46:27Duo Male3 8Male18
1155Four Bore Racing 11:50:51Quads Male1 9Male18
1265Nocturnal Emmisions 11:53:42Trio Male5 10Male18
1373MVP's 11:53:55Duo Male4 11Male18
1452Damon Wicki 11:56:15Solo Male2Master Male1Male18
15118Mad Tiger 11:59:11Duo Male5 12Male18
165PALE ALE RIDERS 11:59:39Quads Male2 13Male18
17166Midland Cycles 11:25:38Quads Male3 14Male17
18123The Bean Munchers 11:30:24Trio Male6 15Male17
1930TEAM IRISH CHAMP 11:31:19Duo Mixed1 3Mixed17
20113Middle Earth Rocks 11:31:29Quads Mixed1 4Mixed17
2122Train 1 11:35:04Trio Male7 16Male17
2268WILD KNIGHTS 11:45:19Quads Male4 17Male17
23141Lee Scurlock 11:45:59Solo Male3 18Male17
2416Chairman Mow and The Wee Chaps 11:48:04Quads Mixed2 5Mixed17
2527Super Dads 11:48:14Trio Male8 19Male17
26167Jason Tassell 11:48:39Solo Male4Master Male2Male17
2777Geared Up 11:49:54Quads Male5 20Male17
2821BASH 11:50:14Trio Male9 21Male17
294Odd Couple 11:52:10Duo Male6 22Male17
30148Chicken Sandwich Appreciation Club 11:54:09Trio Male10 23Male17
31146Junkadelic 11:54:39Quads Male6 24Male17
32161Track Munchers 11:55:06Trio Male11 25Male17
33155Better Late Than Never 11:57:59Quads Mixed3 6Mixed17
3443Perth Airport - Delta 11:10:24Trio Male12 26Male16
3579Trail Blowhards 11:23:16Trio Male13 27Male16
368Melanie Webb 11:23:37Solo Female1 1Female16
37143meatpower 11:29:31Duo Male7 28Male16
3856Marky Clarks Wood Ducks 11:32:07Quads Male7 29Male16
3986IDTICHYM 11:33:48Quads Male8 30Male16
40139CRANK'N CYLCLES 11:34:15Quads Male9 31Male16
41108Pushie, WAGE, & The Conglomerate #EnduroSynergy 11:34:39Quads Male10 32Male16
42165Midland Cycles Mixed 4 11:37:44Quads Mixed4 7Mixed16
4376Quad Core 11:39:33Quads Male11 33Male16
4454Team Old Mate 11:39:53Quads Male12 34Male16
4578Team CPD 11:40:57Duo Mixed2 8Mixed16
4671night rider 11:41:14Duo Male8 35Male16
4790SkyFarming 11:44:19Trio Male14 36Male16
4893The Gluttonous Night Goats 11:47:47Quads Male13 37Male16
49128Billy Goats and the Kid 11:51:27Quads Male14 38Male16
5074Euro Pro as..... 11:51:46Quads Male15 39Male16
Page 1 of 4 (166 items)

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