ARR - South Mountain Classic 5K & 20K
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Net Pos
Race No
Net Time
Net Cat Pos
Net Gen Pos
117086Lefaive Rocque18:5318:51Top 31Male1
217060Javier Garcia19:0519:04Top 32Male2
317108Tony Delogne19:2819:26Top 33Male3
417272Paul Boanett22:0922:0755 to 591Male4
517061Jesus Garcia22:3622:3435 to 391Male5
617271Dan Hernacki23:5123:3935 to 392Male6
717046Mike Bruns24:2324:2055 to 592Male7
817124Simons-Valenzuela Kirstin24:2624:22Top 31Female1
917069Tia Lee24:5324:47Top 32Female2
1017054Carol Duell25:2125:17Top 33Female3
1117066Norm Janoff25:3025:2665 to 691Male8
1217103Diana Convey25:5625:5260 to 641Female4
1317075Mitch Moritomo26:0726:0545 to 491Male9
1417071Brosnahan Margaret26:1926:1150 to 541Female5
1517059Britny Garcia26:3026:2635 to 391Female6
1617045Dana Bourque26:4226:3650 to 542Female7
1717128Andy Lenartz26:5226:4640 to 441Male10
1817057Mary Fredlake27:4627:4065 to 691Female8
1917055Michael Duell28:0027:5655 to 593Male11
2017088Amber Slonaker28:1828:1525 to 291Female9
2117270Evelyn Cardona28:2428:1925 to 292Female10
2217095Michelle Bales28:2528:1940 to 441Female11
2317104Tom Convey28:5128:4860 to 641Male12
2417067Jason Key30:4130:3540 to 442Male13
2517102Alice Chapman30:4530:3650 to 543Female12
2617042Tony Asbell31:0130:4550 to 541Male14
2717048Autumn Crawford31:1531:0840 to 442Female13
2817081Adam Quiros32:5832:5019 and Under1Male15
2917058Peter Fredlake33:1433:0760 to 642Male16
3017082Alan Quiros33:2533:1745 to 492Male17
3117083Will Quiros33:4133:3319 and Under2Male18
3217043Nagasubramanian Beena34:0433:5620 to 241Female14
3317041Dull Andrew34:0633:5940 to 443Male19
3417090Linda Stevens34:3634:2860 to 642Female15
3517146Jim Troche34:4134:3870 to 741Male20
3617074Shelly Miller34:4434:4455 to 591Female16
3717093Kelli Tyler34:4434:4425 to 293Female17
3917064Diane Himebaugh35:4435:4260 to 643Female19
3817072Dull Maximina35:4635:3740 to 443Female18
4017080Poli Paritosh37:5037:4425 to 291Male21
4117051Dull Dana37:5837:5019 and Under1Female20
4217068Samantha Knudsen40:5940:5425 to 294Female21
4317070Irving Lopez40:5940:5420 to 241Male22
4417031Muthiah Ananya41:2041:1719 and Under2Female22
4517076Chandrasekharan Muthiah41:2041:1735 to 393Male23
4617106Adrienne Dalaly41:3041:2040 to 444Female23
4717084Gadi Raghu42:0842:0230 to 341Male24
4817044Lorri Bender43:0342:4950 to 544Female24
4917092Kenny Trudie47:0546:5240 to 445Female25
5017062Vanessa Garcia54:3254:2045 to 491Female26
Page 1 of 2 (67 items)

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