Rally Point Arizona Run
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13 Nov 2016
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1797Julio Matus20:16.720:05.3Top 3 Finishers1Male1
2736Tim Lee20:24.220:24.2Top 3 Finishers2Male2
3302Ed Bickley20:29.320:29.3Top 3 Finishers3Male3
4781Sam Brock21:54.921:54.955 to 641Male4
5779Jovanni Fontes21:59.421:56.614 & Under1Male5
6772Maximilian Meza23:34.223:32.825 to 341Male6
7802Corey Howard25:59.225:49.615 to 241Male7
8812Dave Murray26:37.726:33.245 to 541Male8
9742Joshua Steward26:46.526:38.025 to 342Male9
10722Dana Kennedy26:58.626:50.2Top 3 Finishers1Female1
11719Mark Moore27:18.727:13.045 to 542Male10
12743Tyler Crimando28:10.227:58.915 to 242Male11
13774Henry Pena28:33.228:17.045 to 543Male12
14723Kim Adams28:39.828:39.8Top 3 Finishers2Female2
15773Tammy Calhoun28:40.428:23.1Top 3 Finishers3Female3
16767Daniel Guzman28:41.128:35.135 to 441Male13
17815Gregorio Montes De Oca29:05.428:58.625 to 343Male14
18811Sal La Puma29:12.228:43.645 to 544Male15
19775Carissa Planalp29:13.729:10.025 to 341Female4
20737Crystal Yazzie29:14.629:14.635 to 441Female5
21807Frank Gaspari29:45.929:40.445 to 545Male16
22776Jamar Ikpi30:07.429:22.935 to 442Male17
23817Luke Wybourn30:23.730:18.114 & Under2Male18
24768Jennifer Guzman30:51.130:42.935 to 442Female6
25814Earl Foutz31:23.731:08.855 to 642Male19
26819Kristen Mcfarland31:30.531:26.835 to 443Female7
27806Kevin Gallagher31:39.931:25.325 to 344Male20
28739Terrance Gant31:41.931:20.635 to 443Male21
29782Frank O'Halloran31:50.831:39.545 to 546Male22
30795Shelley Corey31:59.431:22.245 to 541Female8
31760Matthew Peterson32:12.932:01.125 to 345Male23
32761Brian Confrey32:13.532:01.925 to 346Male24
33718Ronda Simon32:19.932:09.645 to 542Female9
34798Jessica Grudecki32:23.232:12.935 to 444Female10
35822Tiffany Jordan32:23.432:13.225 to 342Female11
36717John Simon33:09.433:01.245 to 547Male25
37771Tony Verdugo33:17.733:10.525 to 347Male26
38744Jaimes Shonkwiler33:27.633:27.635 to 445Male27
39730Tim Collier33:31.633:19.655 to 643Male28
40762Debra Dockins33:43.832:59.025 to 343Female12
41803Prentice Suell34:47.934:18.135 to 446Male29
42765Anthony Reyes34:48.834:41.425 to 348Male30
43725Jerry McDonald34:49.634:49.645 to 548Male31
44766Brandie Dobbins34:55.734:47.425 to 344Female13
45735Shannon Murphy34:58.234:38.435 to 445Female14
46724Kristine Mitchell35:02.635:02.635 to 446Female15
47804Marcie Howard35:40.335:21.745 to 543Female16
48810Ashley Marie Jackson Foutz35:57.935:42.715 to 243Male32
49808Jessica Joi Michal Mathews36:06.935:51.115 to 241Female17
50756Joseph Rasmussen36:10.432:52.535 to 444Male33
Page 1 of 3 (108 items)

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