Pride Run & Walk Palm Springs
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1292Carlos Vizcarra00:18:1900:18:19Top 31Male1
2282Leo Landeros00:18:2100:18:20Top 32Male2
3188Roberto Plascencia00:18:3300:18:33Top 33Male3
4263Jordan Katz00:20:1100:20:08Ages 30 to 391Male4
5187Rob Kelly00:20:1800:20:16Ages 50 to 591Male5
6248Alex Meyer00:20:2600:20:26Ages 30 to 392Male6
7224Chris Nash00:20:3900:20:38Ages 30 to 393Male7
8111Don Haisch00:21:2100:21:18Ages 40 to 491Male8
9259John Hagerty00:21:2700:21:26Ages 40 to 492Male9
10165Jason Faust00:21:3100:21:28Ages 30 to 394Male10
11287Severin Steinmann00:21:3400:21:30Ages 20 to 291Male11
12262Tommy Hayes00:21:3800:21:34Ages 30 to 395Male12
13219Jag Bilkhu00:21:4200:21:38Ages 40 to 493Male13
14256Meghan Gutekunst00:21:5300:21:50Top 31Female1
15189Bernie Tan00:21:5800:21:55Ages 40 to 494Male14
16182Reese Nottingham00:22:0100:21:59Ages 40 to 495Male15
17283Bruce Gabbard00:22:0100:22:00Ages 20 to 292Male16
18266Pia Desai00:22:3500:22:00Top 32Female2
19271Mark Deangelis00:22:0900:22:08Ages 50 to 592Male17
20284Steven Nofziger00:22:2300:22:14Ages 40 to 496Male18
211239Jeremy Bauer00:22:3100:22:21Ages 30 to 396Male19
22276Dj Lawrence00:22:3800:22:28Ages 30 to 397Male20
23127Kenneth Vergonet00:22:3200:22:30Ages 50 to 593Male21
24159Scott Graham00:22:4000:22:31Ages 50 to 594Male22
25196Tim Hayes00:22:4700:22:47Ages 60 to 691Male23
26297John Mcguinness00:22:5200:22:50Ages 40 to 497Male24
27119Randall Roark00:22:5700:22:57Ages 50 to 595Male25
28118Peter Lehrbaum00:23:0500:23:01Ages 50 to 596Male26
29230Matthew Ahuett00:23:0200:23:02Ages 50 to 597Male27
30122Andrew Suozzo00:23:0700:23:04Ages 70 and Over1Male28
31236David Mcmahon00:23:1600:23:06Ages 40 to 498Male29
32115John Shafer00:23:3900:23:17Ages 30 to 398Male30
33126Bill Sayers00:23:2300:23:19Ages 60 to 692Male31
34184Richard Nelson00:23:2900:23:26Ages 60 to 693Male32
35114Rick Bennet00:23:5900:23:37Ages 30 to 399Male33
361077Patrick Owen00:23:5900:23:59Ages 50 to 598Male34
37225Craig Lindholm00:24:0100:23:59Ages 40 to 499Male35
38164Matthew Lieberman00:24:1200:24:08Ages 30 to 3910Male36
39171Mike Lee00:24:2700:24:13Ages 40 to 4910Male37
40153David Imoto00:24:2000:24:17Ages 30 to 3911Male38
411078Dan Vu00:24:3700:24:30Ages 40 to 4911Male39
42277Jeff Green00:24:3900:24:34Ages 50 to 599Male40
43107Christopher Novak00:24:4000:24:35Ages 50 to 5910Male41
44166Chuck Collins00:24:5200:24:37Ages 60 to 694Male42
45125Francisco Ramirez00:24:4500:24:38Ages 30 to 3912Male43
46112Michael Sullivan00:31:2400:24:56Ages 30 to 3913Male44
47147Gary Woods00:25:0300:24:58Ages 50 to 5911Male45
48290Nicholas Cook00:25:1300:25:10Ages 50 to 5912Male46
49198Kathi Garcin00:25:1400:25:11Top 33Female3
50203Stephen Divoky00:25:4200:25:37Ages 50 to 5913Male47
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