Verrado Kids Triathlon
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16 Sep 2017
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
162Victoria Mcrorie25:4611:314-6 Year Olds1Female1
259Avery Lewis25:3111:504-6 Year Olds2Female2
364Stella Lee26:4012:064-6 Year Olds3Female3
465Zaynah Naveed26:4912:084-6 Year Olds4Female4
561Annika England26:2812:294-6 Year Olds5Female5
634Haakon Giaever22:3313:099-10 Year Olds1Male1
768Kole Rodgers21:4913:159-10 Year Olds2Male2
860Olivia Root27:0513:154-6 Year Olds6Female6
925Matthew Robichaud21:4713:269-10 Year Olds3Male3
104040 4023:3713:31 Unknown1
1126Kaila Pheil21:5913:329-10 Year Olds1Female7
1243Caden Fink23:5613:417-8 Year Olds 1Male4
1363Hailey Byrne28:3614:124-6 Year Olds7Female8
1424Samantha Baxter22:3514:229-10 Year Olds2Female9
1544Sverre Giaever25:1114:517-8 Year Olds 2Male5
1628Malena Lebedeff23:5415:039-10 Year Olds3Female10
1730Aiden Castillo24:1415:177-8 Year Olds 3Male6
1832Oscar Lundseng24:4015:289-10 Year Olds4Male7
1969Jackson Rodgers28:0116:047-8 Year Olds 4Male8
2055Olivia Neve28:4517:099-10 Year Olds4Female11
2154Kiernan Bates28:3817:107-8 Year Olds 5Male9
222Serena Thompson18:1317:2411-12 Years Olds1Female12
2357Caden Lee29:1817:287-8 Year Olds 6Male10
2436Chloe Fink27:0717:319-10 Year Olds5Female13
2545Evan Wagner28:1417:479-10 Year Olds5Male11
2653Mikey Stortz29:1717:567-8 Year Olds 7Male12
2727Sedona Garcia26:4318:019-10 Year Olds6Female14
285Bryan Gamboa19:3018:0211-12 Years Olds1Male13
2971Wyatt Gladden30:2418:137-8 Year Olds 8Male14
3070Rhett Gladden30:2418:197-8 Year Olds 9Male15
3131Abigail Root27:3718:317-8 Year Olds 1Female15
3252Lyndi Skabelund29:5418:399-10 Year Olds7Female16
3339Jonathan Robichaud28:4318:457-8 Year Olds 10Male16
3435Vlad Chiriac28:3219:029-10 Year Olds6Male17
3558Zachary Smith32:1219:157-8 Year Olds 11Male18
3650Jayden Taut30:3419:339-10 Year Olds7Male19
3714Joey Neu22:2819:4611-12 Years Olds2Male20
3841Chase Valdez32:2419:547-8 Year Olds 12Male21
394Jackson Gill21:1119:5811-12 Years Olds3Male22
4048Ella Iranshahr30:4120:019-10 Year Olds8Female17
4149Marley Mccain31:0720:177-8 Year Olds 13Male23
421Ryan Tiffany21:0220:2311-12 Years Olds4Male24
4337Keelee Mccain30:1520:339-10 Year Olds9Female18
4442Taytum Valdez33:1520:357-8 Year Olds 2Female19
4547Hogan Diver33:3220:449-10 Year Olds8Male25
4638Emma Robichaud30:5721:067-8 Year Olds 3Female20
4733Brandon Boma30:2721:089-10 Year Olds9Male26
4815Ryan Kupsky24:3121:2611-12 Years Olds5Male27
496Ray Naylor23:1321:4113-14 Years Old1Male28
5056Landon Tremonti33:3021:477-8 Year Olds 14Male29
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