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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
15740Nicholas Logan18:4218:3915 years old1Male1
25873Ted Watts18:4418:4418 to 241Male2
35800Ian Rathsburg18:4618:4315 years old2Male3
45735Jacob Ladner19:2019:2016 years old1Male4
55622Cameron Blaauw19:2819:2425 to 291Male5
65758Jacob Marbach19:3219:3214 years old1Male6
75634Gus Burch19:4219:3917 years old1Male7
85822Peter Schillinger19:5419:5415 years old3Male8
95749William Luzader20:0320:0335 to 391Male9
105665Andrew Cucchetti20:4520:4513 years old1Male10
115863Max Valencia20:4720:4214 years old2Male11
125832Max Shanks21:0921:0914 years old3Male12
135843Charlotte Sredzinski21:1121:1110 years old1Female1
145824Owen Schutte21:2221:1914 years old4Male13
155765Bridget Marvin21:2321:2318 to 241Female2
165754Shea Lyon21:2521:2211 years old1Female3
175842Bo Spiekerman21:3821:3811 years old1Male14
184598Bradley Opitz21:4121:4130 to 341Male15
195715Kyle Irish21:5821:5514 years old5Male16
205770Perry Mathis22:1222:0855 to 591Male17
215702Jake Hirsch22:1722:1713 years old2Male18
225820Jim Schillinger22:2722:2350 to 541Male19
235743Maddie Lucas22:3322:3112 years old1Female4
244324Amie Lyan22:3522:3235 to 391Female5
255619Kishan Bhatnagar22:4322:4311 years old2Male20
265810Kristi Samaddar22:5022:4740 to 441Female6
274325Lanye Spieargman22:5622:5214 years old6Male21
285701Kyle Hirsch22:5622:2840 to 441Male22
295839Joseph Spadafore23:1623:1614 years old7Male23
305707Jud Holmes23:2023:2045 to 491Male24
315858Carter Twist23:3623:3613 years old3Male25
325739Andrew Logan23:3723:3712 years old1Male26
335817Joey Schillinger23:4223:4214 years old8Male27
345814Breck Saucier23:4523:4535 to 392Male28
355881Kace Wong24:0023:478 years old1Male29
365883Marnie Wong24:0023:4840 to 442Female7
375892Riley Zook24:1424:1416 years old1Female8
384588Laura Triesclmann24:1624:0430 to 341Female9
394331Aaron Roeseler24:2324:2018 to 242Male30
404293Rachel Noble24:2424:2415 years old1Female10
413615Brian North24:3124:3140 to 442Male31
425663Benjamin Cruz24:3424:3416 years old2Male32
435785Lori Musico24:4024:4040 to 443Female11
445650Mark Carson24:4524:4460 & Over1Male33
455871Cayce Wallace24:5624:2030 to 342Male34
465627Cameron Blackwell25:0024:468 years old2Male35
473622Tony Giancana25:0024:5755 to 592Male36
484322Samuel Zook25:0224:5214 years old9Male37
494272Liv Lugar25:1725:1713 years old1Female12
505756Alec Macisaac25:1724:3825 to 292Male38
Page 1 of 6 (275 items)

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