2018 Nude Run 5K
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Net Pos
Race No
Net Time
Net Cat Pos
Net Gen Pos
176Matthew Graham20:2220:2221 to 351Male1
228George Allen21:5021:4836 to 501Male2
3102Tim Stefek21:5921:5651 to 651Male3
437Angel Bishop23:0523:0536 to 501Female1
598Brigette Schiess23:1423:1251 to 651Female2
6119Troy Lason24:3224:2936 to 502Male4
7120Jeff Mackay24:4924:4951 to 652Male5
8121Lojasiwicz 25:1225:1236 to 503Male6
9112Kris Welch25:3625:3321 to 352Male7
1074Brian Fry25:3725:3751 to 653Male8
11103Tina Stefek26:2326:1936 to 502Female3
12117Mike Zampino26:2326:2151 to 654Male9
1373Beth Fierros26:4726:4336 to 503Female4
1481Robert Howard28:0228:0051 to 655Male10
15100Michael Sitzman28:2328:2351 to 656Male11
1670Jeffrey Crane28:3828:3651 to 657Male12
17115Benjamin Wirtz29:3129:2921 to 353Male13
1882Olivia Huesing30:0430:0321 to 351Female5
194Eric Alexander30:0830:0836 to 504Male14
2089Rob Martin30:1530:0951 to 658Male15
21111Robert Walker30:1730:1236 to 505Male16
2288Leeann Martin30:3930:3751 to 652Female6
2385Lee Lambert32:1632:1636 to 506Male17
2443James Chamness32:4132:3651 to 659Male18
2591Scott Nicodemus32:5632:5636 to 507Male19
26106Malinda Sutter33:1433:1436 to 504Female7
2799Mike Schultz33:3233:2936 to 508Male20
28110Robert Turnbough33:3333:3121 to 354Male21
2977Sarah Halliday34:0033:5636 to 505Female8
3031Samantha Barker34:4834:4836 to 506Female9
3193Arkadiy Reznik35:0335:0136 to 509Male22
32107Jaclyn Taylor35:0335:0121 to 352Female10
33105Jeffery Sutter36:0536:0036 to 5010Male23
3496Jeff Sanders36:4436:3636 to 5011Male24
3584Kendall Karn37:2037:2066 and over1Male25
3678Joseph Hampton37:5937:5551 to 6510Male26
3780Bryson Hinton38:2738:2136 to 5012Male27
3853Richard Cotman39:1139:1151 to 6511Male28
39116Rob Zabrecky39:2639:2136 to 5013Male29
40122Lizzy Yorkosky39:4039:3351 to 653Female11
41101Aaron Smith39:4139:3436 to 5014Male30
4232Mark Barry42:4842:4266 and over2Male31
43118Sally Lynn47:3347:2451 to 654Female12
44124Liz Tharrington47:4847:3836 to 507Female13
4586Jennifer Lambert48:3448:2436 to 508Female14
4672Katherine Earp49:5249:4621 to 353Female15
47109William Tucker49:5449:4936 to 5015Male32
48114Christopher Wimmer55:4855:3851 to 6512Male33
49113Barbara Wimmer55:4855:3851 to 655Female16
Page 1 of 1 (49 items)

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