Team RWB 5k & 10k
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08 November 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
1175Chase Barrett18:51All Ages1
2362Joshua Klein19:39All Ages2
3195Joseph Castaneda20:32All Ages3
4187Bobby Briggs20:35All Ages4
5361Ashley Linder21:02All Ages1
6190Bryan Bringham21:57All Ages5
7229Joy Fucella21:57All Ages2
8269Tanner Leslie21:58All Ages6
9340Dawn Weissman22:00All Ages3
10184Susan Briggs22:01All Ages4
11250Rachel Herman22:33All Ages5
12367Gil Gonzalez22:48All Ages7
13252Max Higgins22:52All Ages8
14244Luke Haglund23:40All Ages9
15177Aidan Berchek23:55All Ages10
16276Drayton Maddox24:01All Ages11
17182Bruce Bradley24:07All Ages12
18174Leanne Barger24:13All Ages6
19196Andrea Castillo24:23All Ages7
20247John Haskell24:37All Ages13
21286Jovan Munoz24:46All Ages14
22172Able Baca24:59All Ages15
23343Luke Williams25:04All Ages16
24171Massiel Aspron-Williams25:07All Ages8
25242Sarah Gross25:13All Ages9
26133Nick Ritter25:14All Ages17
27318Stephanie Sandino25:43All Ages10
28204Darek Connole25:46All Ages18
29230Tyrone Garner25:53All Ages19
30183John Bresnahan25:59All Ages20
3175Chris Kerber26:06All Ages21
329Fabrizio Arevalo26:25All Ages22
33283Fred Morrison26:35All Ages23
34221ANGELES FERREIRA26:39All Ages11
35346Keith Wright27:03All Ages24
36347Ashley Wright27:03All Ages12
37348Kristina Wright27:03All Ages13
38202Shawn Cho27:09All Ages25
39334Timmy Ton27:09All Ages26
40176MariGrace Baur27:25All Ages14
41307Marddi Rahn27:33All Ages15
42359Tracey Dalla Rosa27:40All Ages16
43371Theresa Larson27:45All Ages17
44186Matthew Briggs27:54All Ages27
45134Joseph Rivilli27:54All Ages28
46262Shannon Jardina28:24All Ages18
4783Brittany Lance28:26All Ages19
48234Arcadia Goco28:45All Ages20
49180Michael Blanchard28:46All Ages29
50288Thi Nguyen28:47All Ages30
Page 1 of 4 (182 items)

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