Laveen 5k
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
13124Reid Axman18:26FinishedTop 3136Male5:57 min/m
23338Israel Carrillo19:33FinishedTop 3216Male6:18 min/m
32459Elizabeth Perkins20:19FinishedTop 3327Female6:33 min/m
43104Stone Jennings20:27FinishedTop 3420Male6:36 min/m
53173Brian Soto20:36Finished35 to 44140Male6:38 min/m
63195Anthony Valencia21:41Finished12 to 14114Male6:59 min/m
73188Scott Dobbins22:00Finished35 to 44240Male7:05 min/m
83287Paul Sadorf22:19Finished45 to 54153Male7:12 min/m
93168Cristina Mckenney22:44FinishedTop 3540Female7:20 min/m
103162Magaly Burciaga23:09FinishedTop 3629Female7:28 min/m
113291Jacob Findlay23:31Finished35 to 44336Male7:35 min/m
123086Patrick Sanchez23:34Finished25 to 34127Male7:36 min/m
133164Alodra Lopez23:32Finished15 to 17115Female7:35 min/m
143093Freddy Brown Jr23:36Finished45 to 54246Male7:36 min/m
153337Brian Schultz23:49Finished25 to 34230Male7:41 min/m
163127Diana Convey24:02Finished55 to 64159Female7:45 min/m
173179Jacqueline Alvarado24:03Finished25 to 34332Female7:45 min/m
183135Nadia Robeson24:07Finished25 to 34431Female7:47 min/m
193157Michelle Weldy24:07Finished35 to 44441Female7:47 min/m
203158Leslie Findlay24:16Finished25 to 34533Female7:49 min/m
213122Matthew Garcia24:16Finished25 to 34630Male7:49 min/m
223196Corey Hill24:37Finished25 to 34734Male7:56 min/m
233180Mark Moncada24:28Finished45 to 54347Male7:53 min/m
243187Sarah Robertson24:45Finished25 to 34829Female7:59 min/m
253096Bernie Lara24:58Finished18 to 24119Male8:03 min/m
263130Greg Gordon25:15Finished35 to 44537Male8:09 min/m
273146Robert Saenz25:13Finished25 to 34934Male8:08 min/m
283167Paulina Tamez25:28Finished15 to 17217Female8:13 min/m
293068Steve Schinderle25:40Finished55 to 64261Male8:16 min/m
303106Hunter Jennings25:39Finished18 to 24220Male8:16 min/m
313073Jessica Jones25:48Finished25 to 341031Female8:19 min/m
323177John Steele25:58Finished35 to 44638Male8:22 min/m
333198Norbert Mwangi26:20Finished25 to 341132Male8:29 min/m
343165Allie Moate26:19Finished15 to 17316Female8:29 min/m
353156Owen Weldy26:51Finished7 to 11111Male8:39 min/m
363136Tom Convey26:51Finished55 to 64358Male8:39 min/m
373080Fredy Olaya Jr27:50Finished35 to 44736Male8:58 min/m
383071Jacquelyn Keenan26:59Finished35 to 44841Female8:42 min/m
393072Nelly Klein27:27Finished25 to 341231Female8:51 min/m
403166Sophia Madrid27:25Finished12 to 14214Female8:50 min/m
413075Jimmy Sanchez27:33Finished25 to 341329Male8:53 min/m
423070Kelly Miller27:45Finished35 to 44941Female8:57 min/m
433282Johanna Campanaro28:08Finished35 to 441035Female9:04 min/m
443098Ruben Lopez28:07Finished25 to 341432Male9:04 min/m
453163Jonathan Madrigal28:15Finished15 to 17415Male9:07 min/m
463181Tom Solnit28:21Finished45 to 54454Male9:09 min/m
473116Kyle Hill28:34Finished25 to 341533Male9:12 min/m
483172Danny Mackay28:31Finished45 to 54546Male9:12 min/m
493097Katherine Mcmillan28:36Finished35 to 441136Female9:13 min/m
503103Charles Jennings28:33Finished45 to 54648Male9:12 min/m
Page 1 of 3 (143 items)

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