Haunted Half & 5k Run
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31 October 2015
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11327Brent Alexander1:14:551:14:55Top 31Male1
21038Alec Fillmore1:19:541:19:50Top 32Male2
31097Rob Byers1:20:061:20:03Top 33Male3
41120Mckale Davis1:21:321:21:28Top 34Female1
51117Joe Russo1:21:521:21:4720 to 241Male4
61247Cristian Rios1:22:521:22:4920 to 242Male5
71098Austin Horn1:23:181:23:1415 to 191Male6
81350Dylan Marsh1:24:511:24:4725 to 291Male7
91074Julie Swanson1:25:571:25:51Top 35Female2
101131Derek Delancey1:25:571:25:5135 to 391Male8
111322Long Anna1:28:011:27:56Top 36Female3
121198Sawyer Lawson1:28:011:27:5620 to 243Male9
131129Reid Axman1:28:251:28:1735 to 392Male10
141024Marshall Shniderman1:28:331:28:2840 to 441Male11
151138Joe Mcdonald1:28:431:28:3645 to 491Male12
161310Shane Asbury1:29:061:29:0145 to 492Male13
171270Lionel Silverston1:30:001:29:5635 to 393Male14
181286Blake Sacha1:30:511:30:4550 to 541Male15
191152Lisa Strongoli1:31:291:31:2030 to 341Female4
201104Christian Vetsch1:31:531:31:4240 to 442Male16
211188Johannes Heym1:32:171:32:1330 to 341Male17
221293Richard Wolfe1:32:331:32:2420 to 244Male18
231193William Moore1:32:371:32:2920 to 245Male19
241315Emma Kitzman1:32:371:32:3130 to 342Female5
251283Mac Willett1:34:081:33:1320 to 246Male20
261320Brian Gruender1:34:401:34:3040 to 443Male21
271149Christopher Callahan1:36:151:35:4335 to 394Male22
281389John Wyman1:37:311:37:2225 to 292Male23
291319Eric Johnsen1:37:311:37:2645 to 493Male24
301132Lindsey Bowen1:37:361:37:2735 to 391Female6
311134Brandon Ollis1:37:571:37:2925 to 293Male25
321288David Hall1:41:551:38:3245 to 494Male26
331297Tim Poet1:40:471:39:5450 to 542Male27
341186Allison Cates1:40:121:40:0630 to 343Female7
351144Conner Monks1:40:301:40:0820 to 247Male28
361216Blake Bullock1:40:341:40:3045 to 495Male29
371158Teresa Haseleu1:44:541:41:1640 to 441Female8
381300Alex Kunz1:42:011:41:3420 to 248Male30
391338Blake Merrell1:42:051:41:3520 to 249Male31
401314Jim Hoskins1:41:441:41:4045 to 496Male32
411255Tressa Farnam1:42:021:41:5740 to 442Female9
421156Ronna James1:43:021:42:5530 to 344Female10
431305Rita Murphy1:45:341:42:5845 to 491Female11
441060Chelsea Gaberdiel1:45:451:43:1830 to 345Female12
451081Marco Pontes1:43:451:43:3145 to 497Male33
461015Will Butler1:43:511:43:3940 to 444Male34
471227Akane Dornis1:43:541:43:4635 to 392Female13
481092Dana Joost1:43:581:43:5035 to 393Female14
491124Stephanie Maxwell1:43:581:43:5040 to 443Female15
501055Justin Schachtner1:44:031:43:5830 to 342Male35
Page 1 of 7 (345 items)

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