Waddle and Trot 5K
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23 Nov 2017
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
16032Edward Blum17:5617:5430 to 391Male1
26181Andrea Hughes18:5518:5318 to 291Female1
36357James Sowash19:0118:5740 to 491Male2
46323Koda Robinson19:3419:3411 to 171Male3
56157Ethan Heffernan19:4219:4018 to 291Male4
66403Candace Winkler20:0720:0430 to 391Female2
76392Rick Wade21:1221:0950 to 591Male5
86387John Van Do21:4221:3930 to 392Male6
96108Paige Eudy21:4521:4110 and Under1Female3
106231Grant Macarthur22:0021:5611 to 172Male7
116204Amalia Koch22:0121:5511 to 171Female4
126254Madeline Minutelli22:0221:5911 to 172Female5
136198Scott Kirkowski22:0522:0040 to 493Male8
146234Charles Marchesano22:0621:5540 to 492Male9
156107Blake Eudy22:0722:0240 to 494Male10
166111Kelly Eveland22:4722:4230 to 393Male11
176038Ashlyn Brawner23:2023:1311 to 173Female6
186126Mark Frens23:2223:1330 to 394Male12
196238Chuck Marsh23:4923:4950 to 592Male13
206223Kimberly Lonero24:0123:4430 to 392Female7
216006Matthew Aram24:1824:1618 to 292Male14
226322Kim Robinson24:2024:1750 to 593Male15
236196John King24:2524:2260 and Over1Male16
246192Dave Kiley24:3324:3060 and Over2Male17
256353Douglas Smead24:4924:4660 and Over3Male18
266372Desmond Thornton25:0124:5510 and Under1Male19
276105Elijah Eisenbach25:1525:1311 to 173Male20
286014Alicia Ashworth26:0225:3230 to 393Female8
296015Erika Ashworth26:1726:0630 to 394Female9
306235Kristina Marchesano26:2026:0440 to 491Female10
316220Marissa Lombardino26:2026:1610 and Under2Female11
326222Vince Lombardino26:2026:1940 to 495Male21
336396Jonny Walker26:2126:1118 to 293Male22
346334Joanne Salaz26:3626:3350 to 591Female12
356318Carolyn Robak26:5126:4540 to 492Female13
366248Andrew Meaux26:5326:2218 to 294Male23
376135Ryan Gladinus26:5426:2511 to 174Male24
386103David Eckrich27:0726:3011 to 175Male25
396082Andrew Cumbie27:0827:0330 to 395Male26
406134Jeff Gladinus27:1126:4240 to 496Male27
416077Michaeleena Cosgrove27:2926:5618 to 292Female14
426264Erica Norton27:4227:3430 to 395Female15
436147Kyle Hammond27:4827:3311 to 176Male28
446389Anna Vydra27:5127:4811 to 174Female16
456293Michelle Pond27:5527:3918 to 293Female17
466039Tommie Brawner27:5627:4730 to 397Male29
476229Johnnie Lupton28:0627:4530 to 396Male30
486375Grace Tozier28:1128:0410 and Under3Female18
496194Diana King28:1428:0540 to 493Female19
506125Jeremy Ford28:1428:0640 to 498Male31
Page 1 of 8 (380 items)

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