Heart and Sole 5K
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3 Feb 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
17216Michael Ptack17:3117:2630 to 391Male1
27017Shawn Bernardi18:3718:3540 to 491Male2
36939Zachary Jones20:4518:5710 to 141Male3
47361Christian Vega19:1019:0320 to 291Male4
57405Michael Nevarez19:1619:1215 to 191Male5
67150Aidan Johansson19:3319:2815 to 192Male6
77143Aiden Holt20:0220:0015 to 193Male7
87423Tyson Rhodes20:4320:2930 to 392Male8
97339Aaron Capuchino20:4720:3320 to 292Male9
107412Peter Egyed20:4820:3730 to 393Male10
117398Zack Walman20:4720:4230 to 394Male11
127403Jayson Black21:0320:5540 to 492Male12
137125Jon Grimm21:2521:1730 to 395Male13
147199Garrett Odonnal21:3121:2715 to 194Male14
157103Caden Fink21:3721:346 to 91Male15
167393Isaiah Salinas21:3721:3410 to 142Male16
177373Ryan Williams21:5721:4530 to 396Male17
187144Melissa Holt22:0522:0130 to 397Female1
197086Scott Dobbins22:2222:1740 to 493Male18
207272Paul Sadorf22:2422:2150 to 591Male19
217211Maximilian Pfaffinger22:4022:3610 to 143Male20
227208Jacob Osteros22:3922:3615 to 195Male21
236992Jorge Acosta22:5222:4630 to 398Male22
247126Jonathan Grimm22:5822:506 to 92Male23
257194Noel Narang23:1223:0740 to 494Male24
267340Kelsey Iverhouse23:2023:1320 to 293Female2
277079Trent Davis23:1923:1615 to 196Male25
287378Tracy Howlett23:3423:2640 to 495Female3
297313Brandon Thompson23:3123:2610 to 144Male26
307205Steven Ortiz23:3123:2710 to 145Male27
317042Mindy Brunn23:3923:3430 to 399Female4
327200Melissa Odonnal23:5523:5130 to 3910Female5
337006Luke Baker23:5623:5215 to 197Male28
347069Mariah Contreras24:0323:5910 to 146Female6
357297Shane Stevens24:0724:0510 to 147Male29
367002John Allen24:2224:1360 to 691Male30
377329Ron Whitler24:5124:3560 to 692Male31
387193Brandon Narang24:5324:4310 to 148Male32
397372Sara Watters25:0224:5630 to 3911Female7
407187Olivia Miller25:1925:1610 to 149Female8
417341Trevor Owsley25:2925:2130 to 3912Male33
427043John Brunn Iii25:3025:256 to 93Male34
437333Carmyne Wilson25:2925:2610 to 1410Male35
446885Margaret Bennett29:5825:3740 to 496Female9
457289Michael Sitzman26:0626:0150 to 592Male36
467334Vivian Windsor26:0626:0110 to 1411Female10
477357Justin Hughes26:2526:0640 to 497Male37
487384Daisy Estrada28:0626:3830 to 3913Female11
497174Sebastian Martinez27:0326:5050 to 593Male38
507327Amy Whitler27:2226:5515 to 198Female12
Page 1 of 7 (328 items)

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