Waddle and Trot 5K
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Net Pos
Race No
Net Time
Net Cat Pos
Net Gen Pos
Pace *
917698Teun Wilbers31:0631:0611 to 1712Male5010:02 31:06
927696Kim Wilbers31:0631:0640 to 4911Female4210:02 31:06
937709Emily Chu31:1131:1110 and Under5Female4310:03 31:11
947762Chase Duggan31:2631:2610 and Under2Male5110:08 31:26
957797Valerie Ziegler31:3231:3240 to 4912Female4410:10 31:32
967731Isabelle Koch31:4031:4011 to 176Female4510:13 31:40
977699Kathryn Golden31:4331:4340 to 4913Female4610:14 31:43
987796Melissa Rogers31:4531:4530 to 3915Female4710:14 31:45
997648Ginger Primich31:5531:5550 to 593Female4810:17 31:55
1008135Azin Mani32:0032:0018 to 297Female4910:19 32:00
1018130Jenny Viladiu32:0932:0930 to 3916Female5010:22 32:09
1028123Jonathan Blackler32:1932:1930 to 3912Male5210:25 32:19
1038127Adriane Bennett32:2032:2030 to 3917Female5110:26 32:20
1047702Kari Cureton32:2232:2240 to 4914Female5210:26 32:22
1057614Sandra Higareda32:2332:2330 to 3918Female5310:26 32:23
1067562Erika Ashworth32:3532:3530 to 3919Female5410:30 32:35
1077772Caillie Roach32:4732:4718 to 298Female5510:34 32:47
1087717Abigail Brown32:5232:5218 to 299Female5610:36 32:52
1098112Nolan Ueunten32:5532:5511 to 1713Male5310:37 32:55
1107727Erin Koch33:1033:1040 to 4913Male5410:41 33:10
1117723Kelly Taylor33:1433:1440 to 4915Female5710:43 33:14
1128133Miles Bower33:1933:1930 to 3913Male5510:44 33:19
1137795Keith Vail33:3133:3160 and Over5Male5610:48 33:31
1147672Kimberly Herm33:3833:3830 to 3920Female5810:51 33:38
1157673Joshua Herm33:3833:3830 to 3914Male5710:51 33:38
1168110Oonagh Barry33:4933:4918 to 2910Female5910:54 33:49
1187682Carrie Trantalis33:5333:5340 to 4917Female6110:55 33:53
1177646Janet Keene33:5233:5240 to 4916Female6010:55 33:52
1197647Keshawn Keene33:5433:5440 to 4914Male5810:56 33:54
1207705Jenna Jones34:0134:0130 to 3921Female6210:58 34:01
1217650Steve Stroud34:1834:1850 to 595Male5911:03 34:18
1237621Amber Beebe34:2934:2918 to 2911Female6311:07 34:29
1227623Maverick Godinez34:2934:2910 and Under3Male6011:07 34:29
1247593Suzanne Pike34:4634:4650 to 594Female6411:12 34:46
1257680Stephanie Clark34:5034:5050 to 595Female6511:14 34:50
1267725David Sparano34:5434:5440 to 4915Male6111:15 34:54
1307592Joanne Pike34:5634:5660 and Over1Female6811:16 34:56
1277689Kathryn Reichard34:5534:5518 to 2912Female6611:16 34:55
1297658Savanah Baird34:5634:5611 to 177Female6711:16 34:56
1287659Chris Bayes34:5634:5640 to 4916Male6211:16 34:56
1317510Jennifer Rolf34:5934:5950 to 596Female6911:17 34:59
1337703Jules Mccormack35:0735:0718 to 2913Female7011:19 35:07
1327704Johnnie Lupton35:0735:0730 to 3915Male6311:19 35:07
1347707Valerie Chu35:1135:1140 to 4918Female7111:21 35:11
1357799Sadie Duggan35:2235:2210 and Under6Female7211:24 35:22
1368116Caleb Quiroga35:2635:2610 and Under4Male6411:26 35:26
1377569Ryan Cline35:2735:2740 to 4917Male6511:26 35:27
1387693Jennifer Reichard35:3035:3040 to 4919Female7311:27 35:30
1398114Marisa Quiroga35:3135:3130 to 3922Female7411:27 35:31
1417684Lindsay Barrett35:3735:3730 to 3923Female7511:29 35:37
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