Waddle and Trot 5K
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1907675Shane Otoole43:4643:4618 to 298Male8514:07 43:46
1897656James Sertlemire43:4643:4630 to 3917Male8414:07 43:46
1917655Kristan Settlemire43:4643:4630 to 3930Female10614:07 43:46
587645Cassandra Donke28:3928:3918 to 293Female229:14 28:39
1577724Amanda Cassady36:3036:3040 to 4924Female8611:46 36:30
1087717Abigail Brown32:5232:5218 to 299Female5610:36 32:52
997648Ginger Primich31:5531:5550 to 593Female4810:17 31:55
1217650Steve Stroud34:1834:1850 to 595Male5911:03 34:18
1597695Brooke Entrekin36:4336:4330 to 3926Female8711:50 36:43
1117723Kelly Taylor33:1433:1440 to 4915Female5710:43 33:14
637549Jason Draper29:0129:0130 to 3910Male389:21 29:01
1107727Erin Koch33:1033:1040 to 4913Male5410:41 33:10
2517729Claudia Mancilla Koch53:3453:3440 to 4944Female15017:16 53:34
967731Isabelle Koch31:4031:4011 to 176Female4510:13 31:40
2467733Miles Koch53:0053:0010 and Under11Male9917:06 53:00
207734Amalia Koch25:2025:2011 to 172Female58:10 25:20
2877732Debbie Brass1:02:411:02:4150 to 5921Female17520:13 1:02:41
3107619Shannon Steinmetz1:08:511:08:5140 to 4951Female18922:12 1:08:51
2997620Eden Steinmetz1:04:491:04:4911 to 1714Female18320:54 1:04:49
277589Nicole Roysdon26:1126:1130 to 393Female78:26 26:11
247583Douglas Roysdon25:3025:3030 to 395Male198:13 25:30
1257680Stephanie Clark34:5034:5050 to 595Female6511:14 34:50
2707599Amy Pope59:4159:4130 to 3939Female16119:15 59:41
2987578Lyn Ulloa1:04:481:04:4830 to 3945Female18220:54 1:04:48
107630John Van Do22:1222:1230 to 393Male97:09 22:12
1047702Kari Cureton32:2232:2240 to 4914Female5210:26 32:22
767502Jason Leonhardt29:4729:4740 to 4911Male459:36 29:47
557501Erin Leonhardt28:1328:1340 to 496Female199:06 28:13
607543Chris Ackerland28:5328:5340 to 498Male379:19 28:53
2427657Nancy Henderson52:3052:3050 to 5914Female14516:56 52:30
1857664Natasha Bowman43:3343:3340 to 4932Female10414:03 43:33
357667Arron Bowman26:3926:3918 to 294Male268:35 26:39
2437669Rob Bowman52:4452:4450 to 5910Male9817:00 52:44
1757719Joseph Adams41:2441:2450 to 598Male8013:21 41:24
757538Marta Lonero29:4629:4630 to 3910Female319:36 29:46
1337703Jules Mccormack35:0735:0718 to 2913Female7011:19 35:07
1327704Johnnie Lupton35:0735:0730 to 3915Male6311:19 35:07
2137513Gabrielle Plante47:4947:4918 to 2917Female12515:25 47:49
1817690Elizabeth Bronson42:3442:3430 to 3929Female10013:43 42:34
1807691Carolyn Blades42:3342:3350 to 599Female9913:43 42:33
237722Shaun Taylor25:2725:2740 to 495Male188:12 25:27
1417684Lindsay Barrett35:3735:3730 to 3923Female7511:29 35:37
1407686Bradley Petersen35:3735:3730 to 3916Male6611:29 35:37
1427688Tabatha Petersen35:3735:3730 to 3924Female7611:29 35:37
1067562Erika Ashworth32:3532:3530 to 3919Female5410:30 32:35
177563Alicia Ashworth24:1824:1830 to 392Female47:50 24:18
17582Tyler Southwood17:5317:5318 to 291Male15:46 17:53
1197647Keshawn Keene33:5433:5440 to 4914Male5810:56 33:54
1177646Janet Keene33:5233:5240 to 4916Female6010:55 33:52
1267725David Sparano34:5434:5440 to 4915Male6111:15 34:54
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