Waddle and Trot 5K
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Net Pos
Race No
Net Time
Net Cat Pos *
Net Gen Pos
17582Tyler Southwood17:5317:5318 to 291Male15:46 17:53
267607Autumn Hayes26:0426:0410 and Under1Female68:24 26:04
47624Bill Kiehl20:3720:3750 to 591Male46:39 20:37
67574Kate Baranski21:2221:2211 to 171Female16:53 21:22
317679Douglas Smead26:3126:3160 and Over1Male238:33 26:31
1307592Joanne Pike34:5634:5660 and Over1Female6811:16 34:56
337551Bertha Johnson26:3626:3640 to 491Female98:34 26:36
167539Kimberly Lonero24:1124:1130 to 391Female37:48 24:11
37674Mateo Graham19:1719:1711 to 171Male36:13 19:17
617780Susan Wittkop28:5428:5450 to 591Female249:19 28:54
88117Jorge Angulo21:4321:4330 to 391Male77:00 21:43
157740Lauren Contreras23:5223:5218 to 291Female27:41 23:52
667742Brogan Toback29:1229:1210 and Under1Male409:25 29:12
77754Charley Marchesano21:3421:3440 to 491Male66:57 21:34
117755Tim Robertson23:1423:1440 to 492Male107:29 23:14
98113Isidro Angulo21:5521:5530 to 392Male87:04 21:55
907565Carol Bryan30:5930:5950 to 592Female419:59 30:59
27676Edgar Diaz18:2918:2918 to 292Male25:57 18:29
57683Ethan Trantalis21:0221:0211 to 172Male56:47 21:02
438121Anna Vydra27:1127:1118 to 292Female138:46 27:11
947762Chase Duggan31:2631:2610 and Under2Male5110:08 31:26
397774Debbie Castiglione27:0127:0140 to 492Female108:43 27:01
477573Keira Baranski27:1927:1910 and Under2Female168:49 27:19
1677580Shelley Weber39:0639:0660 and Over2Female9212:36 39:06
377636David Kiley26:4426:4460 and Over2Male288:37 26:44
227544Chuck Marsh25:2625:2650 to 592Male178:12 25:26
177563Alicia Ashworth24:1824:1830 to 392Female47:50 24:18
207734Amalia Koch25:2025:2011 to 172Female58:10 25:20
107630John Van Do22:1222:1230 to 393Male97:09 22:12
587645Cassandra Donke28:3928:3918 to 293Female229:14 28:39
997648Ginger Primich31:5531:5550 to 593Female4810:17 31:55
277589Nicole Roysdon26:1126:1130 to 393Female78:26 26:11
407531Michele Hart27:0127:0140 to 493Female118:43 27:01
567605Lillyan Hayes28:1928:1911 to 173Female209:08 28:19
1227623Maverick Godinez34:2934:2910 and Under3Male6011:07 34:29
327553Steven Tino26:3526:3550 to 593Male248:34 26:35
198120Brett Delong25:1325:1340 to 493Male158:08 25:13
547736Marissa Lombardino28:1328:1310 and Under3Female189:06 28:13
718132Ken Stakiw29:2129:2160 and Over3Male439:28 29:21
1837613Mary Duryea43:0443:0460 and Over3Female10213:53 43:04
147507Shane Johnson23:4623:4611 to 173Male137:40 23:46
127641Joseph Rowe23:2423:2418 to 293Male117:32 23:24
828101Mel Campanaro30:1630:1618 to 294Female359:45 30:16
517638Tony Marc27:5527:5550 to 594Male359:00 27:55
457744Cristina Marchesano27:1327:1340 to 494Female158:46 27:13
2117524Mary Jardel47:1247:1260 and Over4Female12315:13 47:12
748118Robert Otto29:4329:4360 and Over4Male449:35 29:43
287751Lisa Krohn26:1226:1230 to 394Female88:27 26:12
138128Mark Frens23:3823:3830 to 394Male127:37 23:38
1368116Caleb Quiroga35:2635:2610 and Under4Male6411:26 35:26
Page 1 of 7 (314 items)

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