Waddle and Trot 5K
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2467733Miles Koch53:0053:0010 and Under11Male9917:06 53:00
2307537Wade Caleca-Stevenson49:3249:3210 and Under9Male9415:58 49:32
2837516Edgar Enriquez1:02:071:02:0710 and Under13Male11220:02 1:02:07
267607Autumn Hayes26:0426:0410 and Under1Female68:24 26:04
2147632Kaija Switzer47:5147:5110 and Under12Female12615:26 47:51
597554Eleanor Cline28:4928:4910 and Under4Female239:17 28:49
2037560Taylor Radovich45:2145:2110 and Under10Female11714:37 45:21
1227623Maverick Godinez34:2934:2910 and Under3Male6011:07 34:29
477573Keira Baranski27:1927:1910 and Under2Female168:49 27:19
2697700Demetrius Golden59:3759:3710 and Under12Male10919:14 59:37
1557666Lyla Bayes36:2636:2610 and Under8Female8411:45 36:26
2327608Dustin Bennett49:5949:5910 and Under10Male9616:07 49:59
1737528Hudson Louret40:0440:0410 and Under5Male7912:55 40:04
937709Emily Chu31:1131:1110 and Under5Female4310:03 31:11
2067710Timothy Chu46:3246:3210 and Under7Male8715:00 46:32
2947714Kathryn Chu1:03:221:03:2210 and Under14Female17920:26 1:03:22
1437763Carly Duggan35:4435:4410 and Under7Female7711:31 35:44
1357799Sadie Duggan35:2235:2210 and Under6Female7211:24 35:22
947762Chase Duggan31:2631:2610 and Under2Male5110:08 31:26
1368116Caleb Quiroga35:2635:2610 and Under4Male6411:26 35:26
2008115Madelynn Quiroga44:4944:4910 and Under9Female11414:27 44:49
2047766Reese Salonen46:2746:2710 and Under11Female11814:59 46:27
547736Marissa Lombardino28:1328:1310 and Under3Female189:06 28:13
1777738Lorenzo Lombardino41:3241:3210 and Under6Male8113:24 41:32
2157785Bryce Hughes47:5647:5610 and Under8Male8915:27 47:56
2797640Glory Rowe1:01:381:01:3810 and Under13Female16919:53 1:01:38
667742Brogan Toback29:1229:1210 and Under1Male409:25 29:12
1637639Faith Rowe38:0938:0911 to 178Female8912:18 38:09
467757Blake Duggan27:1927:1911 to 177Male318:48 27:19
417764Paul Shortley27:0127:0111 to 176Male308:43 27:01
2018111Katherine Shortley44:4944:4911 to 1710Female11514:27 44:49
1098112Nolan Ueunten32:5532:5511 to 1713Male5310:37 32:55
37674Mateo Graham19:1719:1711 to 171Male36:13 19:17
57683Ethan Trantalis21:0221:0211 to 172Male56:47 21:02
1297658Savanah Baird34:5634:5611 to 177Female6711:16 34:56
787609Elizabeth Bennett29:5229:5211 to 175Female339:38 29:52
1697601Erik Walker39:4939:4911 to 1715Male7612:50 39:49
2657600Virginia Walker59:2359:2311 to 1713Female15919:09 59:23
527697Wout Wilbers27:5727:5711 to 178Male369:00 27:57
147507Shane Johnson23:4623:4611 to 173Male137:40 23:46
2027561Lauren Radovich45:2045:2011 to 1711Female11614:37 45:20
187548Aidan Draper24:2324:2311 to 174Male147:51 24:23
577663Ida Jeppesen28:2928:2911 to 174Female219:11 28:29
67574Kate Baranski21:2221:2211 to 171Female16:53 21:22
797595Quintin Garcia29:5329:5311 to 1710Male469:38 29:53
1467629Michelle Hutchinson35:5535:5511 to 1714Male6811:35 35:55
917698Teun Wilbers31:0631:0611 to 1712Male5010:02 31:06
877633Cash Switzer30:4830:4811 to 1711Male499:56 30:48
677635Grady Switzer29:1329:1311 to 179Male419:25 29:13
2337585Carson Cline50:0050:0011 to 1716Male9716:07 50:00
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