Waddle and Trot 5K
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Net Pos
Race No
Name *
Net Time
Net Cat Pos
Net Gen Pos
1087717Abigail Brown32:5232:5218 to 299Female5610:36 32:52
297752Adam Krohn26:1326:1330 to 396Male218:27 26:13
1038127Adriane Bennett32:2032:2030 to 3917Female5110:26 32:20
187548Aidan Draper24:2324:2311 to 174Male147:51 24:23
2357622Alexandria Lee51:0551:0530 to 3937Female13816:28 51:05
177563Alicia Ashworth24:1824:1830 to 392Female47:50 24:18
2167793Alissa Roland47:5647:5618 to 2918Female12715:27 47:56
1747527Allison Louret40:1240:1240 to 4927Female9512:58 40:12
207734Amalia Koch25:2025:2011 to 172Female58:10 25:20
1577724Amanda Cassady36:3036:3040 to 4924Female8611:46 36:30
1237621Amber Beebe34:2934:2918 to 2911Female6311:07 34:29
1507654Amber Ofcharik36:1036:1050 to 597Female8011:40 36:10
2487788Amelia Roland53:3053:3018 to 2919Female14917:15 53:30
2707599Amy Pope59:4159:4130 to 3939Female16119:15 59:41
1617721Andrew Blong36:5736:5740 to 4920Male7311:55 36:57
347761Andrew Rockwell26:3726:3730 to 397Male258:35 26:37
2227542Andrew Wayne48:0748:0740 to 4925Male9115:31 48:07
2717535Angela Caleca1:00:011:00:0140 to 4947Female16219:21 1:00:01
387540Angelo Lonero26:5626:5630 to 398Male298:41 26:56
1967746Angie Holdeman44:2044:2040 to 4936Female11114:18 44:20
438121Anna Vydra27:1127:1118 to 292Female138:46 27:11
2907588Annie Graton1:02:471:02:4730 to 3942Female17620:15 1:02:47
357667Arron Bowman26:3926:3918 to 294Male268:35 26:39
2627617Ashley Lewis59:0159:0118 to 2920Female15619:02 59:01
267607Autumn Hayes26:0426:0410 and Under1Female68:24 26:04
1008135Azin Mani32:0032:0018 to 297Female4910:19 32:00
2577649Barbara Wallace57:4057:4050 to 5915Female15218:36 57:40
2617625Becky Kiehl58:4258:4250 to 5917Female15518:56 58:42
337551Bertha Johnson26:3626:3640 to 491Female98:34 26:36
2237541Beth Davidson48:0948:0940 to 4940Female13215:32 48:09
47624Bill Kiehl20:3720:3750 to 591Male46:39 20:37
467757Blake Duggan27:1927:1911 to 177Male318:48 27:19
1407686Bradley Petersen35:3735:3730 to 3916Male6611:29 35:37
657753Brandi Entrekin29:0729:0730 to 397Female269:23 29:07
1998109Brandon Pfeifle44:4644:4630 to 3918Male8614:26 44:46
2757559Brett Deboer1:00:401:00:4060 and Over17Male11019:34 1:00:40
198120Brett Delong25:1325:1340 to 493Male158:08 25:13
3137706Brian Chu1:10:321:10:3240 to 4929Male12222:45 1:10:32
667742Brogan Toback29:1229:1210 and Under1Male409:25 29:12
1597695Brooke Entrekin36:4336:4330 to 3926Female8711:50 36:43
2157785Bryce Hughes47:5647:5610 and Under8Male8915:27 47:56
1077772Caillie Roach32:4732:4718 to 298Female5510:34 32:47
1368116Caleb Quiroga35:2635:2610 and Under4Male6411:26 35:26
1437763Carly Duggan35:4435:4410 and Under7Female7711:31 35:44
907565Carol Bryan30:5930:5950 to 592Female419:59 30:59
1807691Carolyn Blades42:3342:3350 to 599Female9913:43 42:33
2387644Carri Kontrovich51:4151:4140 to 4943Female14116:40 51:41
1187682Carrie Trantalis33:5333:5340 to 4917Female6110:55 33:53
2337585Carson Cline50:0050:0011 to 1716Male9716:07 50:00
2667555Cary Trombly59:3359:3360 and Over15Male10719:12 59:33
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