Waddle and Trot 5K
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Net Pos
Race No *
Net Time
Net Cat Pos
Net Gen Pos
557501Erin Leonhardt28:1328:1340 to 496Female199:06 28:13
767502Jason Leonhardt29:4729:4740 to 4911Male459:36 29:47
3087503Sam Modica1:05:391:05:3960 and Over20Male12121:10 1:05:39
1937506Noelle Johnson43:5843:5818 to 2915Female10814:11 43:58
147507Shane Johnson23:4623:4611 to 173Male137:40 23:46
1947508Kelly Johnson43:5843:5840 to 4934Female10914:11 43:58
847509Cindi Schulze30:2830:2840 to 4910Female379:49 30:28
1317510Jennifer Rolf34:5934:5950 to 596Female6911:17 34:59
2137513Gabrielle Plante47:4947:4918 to 2917Female12515:25 47:49
2587514Laura Plante58:0158:0150 to 5916Female15318:42 58:01
2597515John Plante58:0158:0150 to 5911Male10618:43 58:01
2837516Edgar Enriquez1:02:071:02:0710 and Under13Male11220:02 1:02:07
2857517Maria Enriquez1:02:111:02:1140 to 4950Female17320:03 1:02:11
2847518Cirenia Dominguez1:02:071:02:0760 and Over16Female17220:02 1:02:07
2347519Nancy Quast51:0251:0260 and Over6Female13716:27 51:02
1957520Jessica Gage44:1744:1740 to 4935Female11014:17 44:17
257521Jackson Gage25:5825:5811 to 175Male208:22 25:58
2287522Tab Robertson49:1249:1250 to 5912Female13615:52 49:12
2507523Zeus Mancilla53:3453:3440 to 4927Male10117:16 53:34
2117524Mary Jardel47:1247:1260 and Over4Female12315:13 47:12
2097525Margie Sparano47:0347:0340 to 4938Female12115:10 47:03
2107526Jane Galarneau47:1247:1250 to 5910Female12215:13 47:12
1747527Allison Louret40:1240:1240 to 4927Female9512:58 40:12
1737528Hudson Louret40:0440:0410 and Under5Male7912:55 40:04
1627529Gary Strawn37:4437:4460 and Over7Male7412:10 37:44
2397530Laqueta Strawn51:4251:4260 and Over8Female14216:40 51:42
407531Michele Hart27:0127:0140 to 493Female118:43 27:01
367532Jeremy Hart26:3926:3940 to 497Male278:36 26:39
497533Jr Hart27:3427:3418 to 295Male338:53 27:34
2827534Mike Caleca1:01:581:01:5840 to 4928Male11119:59 1:01:58
2717535Angela Caleca1:00:011:00:0140 to 4947Female16219:21 1:00:01
2277536Tori Caleca49:1049:1011 to 1712Female13515:51 49:10
2307537Wade Caleca-Stevenson49:3249:3210 and Under9Male9415:58 49:32
757538Marta Lonero29:4629:4630 to 3910Female319:36 29:46
167539Kimberly Lonero24:1124:1130 to 391Female37:48 24:11
387540Angelo Lonero26:5626:5630 to 398Male298:41 26:56
2237541Beth Davidson48:0948:0940 to 4940Female13215:32 48:09
2227542Andrew Wayne48:0748:0740 to 4925Male9115:31 48:07
607543Chris Ackerland28:5328:5340 to 498Male379:19 28:53
227544Chuck Marsh25:2625:2650 to 592Male178:12 25:26
2447547Eileen Draper52:5052:5060 and Over10Female14617:02 52:50
187548Aidan Draper24:2324:2311 to 174Male147:51 24:23
637549Jason Draper29:0129:0130 to 3910Male389:21 29:01
3147550Joanie Jose1:12:131:12:1360 and Over21Female19223:18 1:12:13
337551Bertha Johnson26:3626:3640 to 491Female98:34 26:36
327553Steven Tino26:3526:3550 to 593Male248:34 26:35
597554Eleanor Cline28:4928:4910 and Under4Female239:17 28:49
2667555Cary Trombly59:3359:3360 and Over15Male10719:12 59:33
1767556Dawn Blick41:2941:2940 to 4928Female9613:23 41:29
2767557Linda Jones1:00:411:00:4160 and Over13Female16619:34 1:00:41
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