Ingleside 5k Glow Run/ Walk
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01 April 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
14268Michael Fuentes21:5111 to 141Male1421:50
24321Colby Musselmann22:2015 to 181Male21122:19
34337Finn Rewinkel22:5111 to 142Male3722:50
44280Lucy Herbert23:2811 to 141Female1223:27
54371Kyle Baglo23:5911 to 143Male41023:58
64277Will Gurley24:3011 to 144Male51024:29
74256Mason Davies24:4411 to 145Male6424:43
84366Peter Hong25:1919 and Older1Male73725:18
94281Jack Igo24:526 to 101Male8724:51
104336David Rewinkel25:3119 and Older2Male9625:30
114276Scott Gurley25:5811 to 146Male10825:57
124322Justin Musselmann26:0111 to 147Male11726:00
134244Mackenzie Bream26:0411 to 142Female2626:03
144347Brooke Warren26:0611 to 143Female3826:05
154301Robin Lyon26:2519 and Older1Female41926:24
164242Brandon Baylis27:1619 and Older3Male124027:15
174302Stacey Martins27:1419 and Older2Female52127:13
184342Rheana Stangler35:0711 to 144Female67:4035:06
194253Michael Darnall27:3915 to 182Male13727:38
204275John Gurley28:3519 and Older4Male141828:34
214372Omar Ortega28:346 to 102Male15828:33
224258Carol Dawson29:3519 and Older3Female7829:34
234279Mary Herbert30:0011 to 145Female82929:59
244288Kara Klaisle29:5919 and Older4Female92429:58
254339Jim Scott30:0619 and Older5Male162030:05
264333Dan Peterson30:1419 and Older6Male171930:13
274331Leticia Pereda30:1219 and Older5Female101530:11
284373Azul Ortega30:346 to 101Female11830:33
294303Kevin Mauser30:5519 and Older7Male182430:54
304262Eric Dimmery31:0419 and Older8Male191331:03
314255Ron Davies31:5619 and Older9Male20831:55
324261Henry Dehaan31:566 to 103Male21731:55
334362Jane Mcalpin32:1111 to 146Female12832:10
344363Penny Mcalpin32:1119 and Older6Female13732:10
354278Patricia Habak32:2319 and Older7Female14832:22
364364Matt Hays32:3919 and Older10Male221432:38
374274Hillary Gurley33:1819 and Older8Female151833:17
384367Jake Logan33:1819 and Older11Male231533:17
394368Lori Logan33:1819 and Older9Female161433:17
404283Julie Igo33:3219 and Older10Female172133:31
414270Alan Gomez34:3819 and Older12Male241434:37
424332Coree Peterson34:4219 and Older11Female18934:41
434341Larry Stangler42:3419 and Older13Male257:4042:33
444297Max Lunifeld35:0811 to 148Male26735:07
454292Jody Lindbo35:2419 and Older14Male272235:23
464293Sadie Lindbo35:2619 and Older12Female191935:25
474264Alejandro Farar35:486 to 104Male28735:47
484310Kelly Mitchell35:486 to 102Female20535:47
494266Adriana Farar36:2019 and Older13Female21936:19
504318Alexandra Murphy36:2111 to 147Female22536:20
Page 1 of 3 (112 items)

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