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17 Sep 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1133Barbara Gayle00:34:351.2 Mile 40 to 491Female100:34:34
2188Benjamin Berger00:35:151.2 Mile 30 to 391Male100:35:14
338Brad Hollingsworth00:35:271.2 Mile 50 to 591Male200:35:26
485Jeanne Moore00:35:511.2 Mile 40 to 492Female200:35:50
5155Victoria Barana00:36:011.2 Mile 30 to 391Female300:36:00
6164Lisa Rustin00:36:331.2 Mile 50 to 591Female400:36:32
714Kathy Spencer00:37:011.2 Mile 50 to 592Female500:37:00
8161Joanna Dillon00:37:481.2 Mile 40 to 493Female600:37:47
9184Chris Maund00:38:101.2 Mile 50 to 592Male300:38:09
1011Sally Boles00:39:181.2 Mile 40 to 494Female700:39:17
11159Taylor Molina00:40:001.2 Mile 30 to 392Male400:40:00
12122Thomas Rudy00:40:321.2 Mile 50 to 593Male500:40:31
13187Marty Anderson00:41:241.2 Mile 50 to 593Female800:41:23
14119Maggie Riley-Hagan00:41:261.2 Mile 60 and Over1Female900:41:25
1544Stephen Vail00:42:471.2 Mile 40 to 491Male600:42:46
1623Laura Mitchell00:43:021.2 Mile 50 to 594Female1000:43:01
17113Neil Dant00:43:051.2 Mile 50 to 594Male700:43:04
1890Jann Flusche00:43:151.2 Mile 40 to 495Female1100:43:14
1972Glenda Meyer00:43:511.2 Mile 50 to 595Female1200:43:50
20179Sean Culp00:44:031.2 Mile 30 to 393Male800:44:02
2178Craig Stevenson00:44:251.2 Mile 60 and Over1Male900:44:24
2292Krista Neville00:44:371.2 Mile 50 to 596Female1300:44:36
23118Christine Aurigemma00:44:461.2 Mile 50 to 597Female1400:44:45
24186Ed Santos00:44:471.2 Mile 50 to 595Male1000:44:46
2591Tanner Flusche00:45:151.2 Mile 17 and Under1Male1100:45:14
2640Marie Cimbora00:45:581.2 Mile 40 to 496Female1500:45:57
2751Crystal Coons00:46:151.2 Mile 30 to 392Female1600:46:14
28181Logan Venero00:46:591.2 Mile 18 to 291Male1200:46:58
29178Veronica Kimble00:47:291.2 Mile 40 to 497Female1700:47:28
30177Jen Venero00:47:351.2 Mile 40 to 498Female1800:47:34
31126Mindy Ruotolo00:47:391.2 Mile 40 to 499Female1900:47:38
3281Maureen Zetlmeisl00:48:031.2 Mile 40 to 4910Female2000:48:02
33157Andrea Rothmeier00:48:081.2 Mile 30 to 393Female2100:48:07
3428Erin Mckinney00:48:171.2 Mile 40 to 4911Female2200:48:16
35156Carolyn Barnwell00:48:531.2 Mile 18 to 291Female2300:48:52
36121Lori Rudy00:48:581.2 Mile 50 to 598Female2400:48:57
37167Lisa Ryan00:48:591.2 Mile 30 to 394Female2500:48:58
387Gezelle Weatherman00:49:211.2 Mile 40 to 4912Female2600:49:20
3994Sandra Freiwald00:49:391.2 Mile 40 to 4913Female2700:49:38
40115Valerie Ross00:49:431.2 Mile 50 to 599Female2800:49:42
41170Nathan Jacobson00:49:551.2 Mile 30 to 394Male1300:49:54
4239Brian Allado00:50:071.2 Mile 40 to 492Male1400:50:06
433Lisa Serrano00:50:131.2 Mile 50 to 5910Female2900:50:12
444Marcus Serrano00:50:521.2 Mile 50 to 596Male1500:50:51
45521Chris Maness00:51:351.2 Mile 30 to 395Male1600:51:34
4647Deanna Lynch00:51:511.2 Mile 50 to 5911Female3000:51:50
47219Patty Kormanik00:52:021.2 Mile 50 to 5912Female3100:52:01
48185Wayne Coey00:52:031.2 Mile 50 to 597Male1700:52:02
495Adrianne Harding00:52:101.2 Mile 30 to 395Female3200:52:09
506Robert Ho00:52:121.2 Mile 40 to 493Male1800:52:11
Page 1 of 5 (206 items)

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