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19 Jan 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
15895David Rizzi19:3919:39TOP 31Male1
26548John Kindle20:0320:03TOP 32Male2
36519Alex Tupay21:1221:12TOP 33Male3
44596Colby Musselmann21:1221:1215 to 181Male4
54534Marco Halden21:4521:4511 to 141Male5
66542Aidan Schott21:4921:4911 to 142Male6
74535Rolf Halden22:0922:0919 and Older1Male7
84581Valentin Morales22:1022:1011 to 143Male8
96525Joshua Warren22:2622:2611 to 144Male9
104542Lucy Herbert22:2922:29TOP 31Female1
11396Jacob Arria22:3722:376 to 101Male10
124523Dana Fuller23:2023:20TOP 32Female2
136539Kyle Hirsch23:3123:3119 and Older2Male11
146538Jake Hirsch23:3823:3811 to 145Male12
156513Terence Thompson24:1724:1719 and Older3Male13
164567Robin Lyon24:2724:27TOP 33Female3
174527John Gurley24:4924:4919 and Older4Male14
184565Jim Lyon25:1925:1919 and Older5Male15
194564Jon Lyon25:1925:1911 to 146Male16
206511Braeden Sullivan25:2225:2211 to 147Male17
21397Aidan Arria25:2525:256 to 102Male18
224595Jp Musselmann26:0526:0511 to 148Male19
234585David Musselmann26:0626:0619 and Older6Male20
244528Scott Gurley26:1026:1011 to 149Male21
256533Mikey Hernandez26:1526:156 to 103Male22
264525Gavin Fuller26:1626:1611 to 1410Male23
276537Ricardo Hernandez26:1626:1619 and Older7Male24
285794Dan Peterson26:2826:2819 and Older8Male25
294462Matt Conti26:3526:3519 and Older9Male26
304475Sydney Conti26:3626:366 to 101Female4
316550Jeremy Smith27:0127:0111 to 1411Male27
32398Kanyon Berkner27:0327:0311 to 1412Male28
334544Christian Honan27:3827:3811 to 1413Male29
346552Owen Pimberk27:4127:4111 to 1414Male30
353997Carter Braden27:4727:4711 to 1415Male31
364558Della Killeen27:5727:5719 and Older1Female5
374577Peter Mitchell28:0428:0411 to 1416Male32
386522Claudia Vickers28:1028:1019 and Older2Female6
394409Sammy Brauer28:2128:2119 and Older3Female7
404514Henry Dehaan28:2328:2311 to 1417Male33
414562Jake Logue28:3128:3111 to 1418Male34
424550Landon Inge28:4928:4919 and Older10Male35
436551Zach Smith28:5228:526 to 104Male36
446514Arianna Thompson29:1429:1411 to 141Female8
454545Vincent Honan29:4129:4119 and Older11Male37
464541Mary Herbert30:0630:0611 to 142Female9
474559Susan Leonard30:0730:0719 and Older4Female10
484454Lauren Collins31:1331:1311 to 143Female11
496547Katie Gilbert31:1731:1719 and Older5Female12
506520Tim Vickers32:0032:0019 and Older12Male38
Page 1 of 3 (137 items)

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