5k “ish” Heart Run
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10 Feb 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
18822Chad Beyer20:0119:5627 to 351Male1
27481Luis Antonio De Los Heros Beunza20:0420:0127 to 352Male2
37615Christian Gragnano20:1220:0818 to 261Male3
48520Jesse Waters20:1320:0417 and Under1Male4
57498David Edwards20:2320:2055 and Over1Male5
68347Sandra Schossow20:2320:2036 to 441Female1
78668Tanner Honeycutt20:4620:3918 to 262Male6
88546Holden Woodward21:5421:4817 and Under2Male7
98296Paul Sadorf22:0221:5955 and Over2Male8
107484Cameron Deal22:3722:3317 and Under3Male9
117541Emma Farrell23:3123:2718 to 261Female2
127616Kyle Gragnano23:3523:3127 to 353Male10
138423Hailey Sisk23:5823:4717 and Under1Female3
147765Audrey Hugo24:0524:0027 to 351Female4
158052Heather Morrison24:0924:0127 to 352Female5
167603Amber Gleason24:1324:0736 to 442Female6
178305Tyler Savoy25:3424:3727 to 354Male11
187682Sarah Healey25:4025:3527 to 353Female7
197427Anna Anderson25:4725:4136 to 443Female8
207428Jon Anderson25:4825:4236 to 441Male12
217937Dan Lehner26:0325:4427 to 355Male13
227485Owen Deal26:0626:0217 and Under4Male14
237482Steve Deal26:1125:5745 to 541Male15
247471Penny Craft26:1426:0745 to 541Female9
258144Matthew Press26:2426:2136 to 442Male16
268569Rich Yates26:2926:0445 to 542Male17
277531Bryce Erickson26:5726:5417 and Under5Male18
288500Julia Washburn26:5826:3636 to 444Female10
298538John Wilster27:0026:5445 to 543Male19
307420Julie Abbott27:2127:1045 to 542Female11
317466Jessica Cobos27:4427:3636 to 445Female12
328765Emily Buchert27:4927:4417 and Under2Female13
337754Cindy Holsen27:5227:4345 to 543Female14
349148Jeffrey Schwartz28:0627:4655 and Over3Male20
358021Matt Moon28:1528:0918 to 263Male21
367483Jean Deal28:2528:1245 to 544Female15
378337Willie Rockward28:3028:1845 to 544Male22
387425Jenina Alvarez28:4428:3436 to 446Female16
398426Amy Starr29:0328:5836 to 447Female17
407808Shay Jankowski29:2129:1536 to 448Female18
417772Peggy Jacobs29:2329:1755 and Over1Female19
428445Cathy Stouffer29:3029:2255 and Over2Female20
437462Stacy Christ29:3429:2655 and Over3Female21
447440Bryce Belle29:4029:3627 to 356Male23
458467Tyler Tussey30:0129:4127 to 357Male24
468920Amara Arunga30:0429:4417 and Under3Female22
477987Manny Miller30:0629:5917 and Under6Male25
488466Emily Tussey30:0729:4627 to 354Female23
498332Cameron Schmidt30:3130:0936 to 443Male26
507755Colby Hooley30:4330:4036 to 449Female24
Page 1 of 6 (262 items)

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