Purple Stride 5K Phoenix
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7 Apr 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1513Gage Hilleshiem20:4120:40Top 31Male1
2589Sara Nazemi20:5020:50Top 31Female1
3604Jay Patel21:0520:55Top 32Male2
4463John Higgins21:3321:30Top 33Male3
5471Jimmy Serra21:3821:3513 and Over1Male4
6480Meghan Gutekunst22:2122:20Top 32Female2
7458Josh Rowles22:2922:2613 and Over2Male5
8222Tyler Martinez22:3822:3413 and Over3Male6
9550Nolan Parker24:0023:59Youth 12 and Under1Male7
10541Brad Hargens24:1524:1113 and Over4Male8
11484Jake Speck24:2524:1913 and Over5Male9
12597Manuel Ceniceros24:2824:2413 and Over6Male10
13327Dana Dixon24:3424:27Top 33Female3
14606Ivo Lojasiewicz25:1325:0213 and Over7Male11
15324Byron Dixon26:1326:0613 and Over8Male12
16451Matt Janssen26:5126:4613 and Over9Male13
17490Ann Moore26:5226:4413 and Over1Female4
18595John Wahlman27:2427:1213 and Over10Male14
19501Alex Chambers27:3727:0213 and Over2Female5
20487Kai Ekstrom27:5127:40Youth 12 and Under2Male15
21583Laurie Luciani27:5627:4613 and Over3Female6
22500Jessica Peccia28:0727:5913 and Over4Female7
23544Benjamin Levine28:1728:13Youth 12 and Under3Male16
24511Karie Karpes28:1928:0513 and Over5Female8
25435Seth Chick29:0829:0613 and Over11Male17
26574Jennifer Ford29:0929:0513 and Over6Female9
27536Ryan Creaney29:2729:26Youth 12 and Under4Male18
28551Teague Parker29:5429:36Youth 12 and Under5Male19
29498Danny Fleener30:0630:0013 and Over13Male20
30562Mariah Vejar30:1029:5713 and Over8Female10
31503Madappa Kundranda30:1829:4913 and Over12Male21
32561Sarah Stahlbush30:2729:1013 and Over7Female11
33535Patrick Beavers30:4430:4413 and Over15Male22
34466Andrew Hudson30:5430:3113 and Over14Male23
35506Michael Davieau31:0530:5413 and Over16Male24
36443Kenny Stuecklen31:2831:1613 and Over17Male25
37449Drew Burkhart31:3531:2513 and Over18Male26
38584Jessica Maiwald31:5031:4513 and Over11Female12
39542Chris Hollister31:5531:5313 and Over20Male27
40593Susan Stanek31:5731:2013 and Over9Female13
41592Lisa Stanek31:5731:2113 and Over10Female14
42581Donna Koeble32:0031:4513 and Over12Female15
43481Richard Gutekunst32:0531:5113 and Over19Male28
44399Larry Chick32:1432:1313 and Over21Male29
45568John Beck32:2532:1313 and Over22Male30
46464Bruce Little32:5732:4513 and Over24Male31
47556Lucy Sanford33:0933:07Youth 12 and Under1Female16
48605Helen Wheelhouse33:1433:0813 and Over13Female17
49601Scott Stephens33:2732:4113 and Over23Male32
50547Noah Levine33:4932:27Youth 12 and Under6Male33
Page 1 of 3 (119 items)

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