Medline 5K
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2 May 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
137Megan Carson21:0320:5949 and Under1Female1
293Nedim Hasanbegovic21:3221:2949 and Under1Male1
3182Kyle Scheerer22:1022:0649 and Under2Male2
488Brooks Haggerty23:0322:5949 and Under3Male3
5211Ashley Volm24:2924:2449 and Under2Female2
6275Scott Harrison24:2924:1649 and Under4Male4
750Reid Dailey24:3624:2849 and Under5Male5
8200Brian Stumpf24:5024:4649 and Under6Male6
9128Pat Mcmahon24:5524:5049 and Under7Male7
102Joe Abbott25:0725:0249 and Under9Male8
11136Jake Miranda25:1024:5649 and Under8Male9
12120Erik Lunde25:1925:1349 and Under10Male10
13147Arthur Palac25:4425:3449 and Under11Male11
14227Jordan Zelhart25:4525:3949 and Under12Male12
15157Alex Podsedly25:4625:4049 and Under13Male13
1610Paul Arena25:4825:4149 and Under14Male14
17116Drew Lerner25:5625:5149 and Under18Male15
18193Scott Smith25:5625:5049 and Under17Male16
19152Andres Pedraza25:5725:4349 and Under16Male17
20126Ben Mcclelland25:5825:5549 and Under19Male18
2140Joshua Clark26:0525:5949 and Under20Male19
229Patrick Apple26:1226:0649 and Under21Male20
2355Chad Deluca26:1726:1449 and Under22Male21
24225Robert Wolfe26:2826:2549 and Under24Male22
25217Carson West26:3326:2649 and Under25Male23
26105Tyler Kelley26:3426:2149 and Under23Male24
27188Christine Sielsky26:3526:2949 and Under3Female3
2879Ethan Formo26:3526:2649 and Under26Male25
29148Mario Paoletti26:4026:2949 and Under27Male26
30268Loren Douty26:4926:3849 and Under5Female4
31268David Palac26:4926:3849 and Under28Male27
32163Jennifer Primm26:5126:3749 and Under4Female5
33276Robin Ingraham26:5326:3949 and Under6Female6
34170Roe Riggio26:5926:5450 and over2Male28
35196Alena Staack26:5926:4149 and Under7Female7
36210Mark Vodnansky27:0126:4249 and Under29Male29
376Sarah Alasya27:0326:4449 and Under8Female8
3824Dee Botschner27:0326:4450 and over1Male30
3967Derek Edge27:0426:4349 and Under30Male31
40181Anthony Schaar27:0426:5849 and Under31Male32
41114Roland Lee27:1125:4349 and Under15Male33
42213Robin Ward27:2627:0749 and Under9Female9
43255Shannon Dougherty27:2627:0749 and Under10Female10
44229Alex Zona27:2727:0049 and Under32Male34
45269Nolan Brandt27:3227:3049 and Under36Male35
4691Matt Harris27:3227:2749 and Under34Male36
4775Ana Ferreira27:3527:3049 and Under12Female11
4865Josh Durrant27:3727:3349 and Under37Male37
49168Ryan Raymundo27:4327:1949 and Under33Male38
5028Jonathan Brockmann27:4527:3649 and Under38Male39
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