OUR East Valley Phoenix Rescue Run
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11616Joshua Hillis18:0718:06Top 31Male1
21570Jason Mustacchia21:2421:22Top 32Male2
31571Nick Mustacchia21:4421:42Top 33Male3
41627Maximilian Meza21:5921:5731 to 401Male4
51592Paul Sadorf22:1222:1051 and Over1Male5
61551Matthew Hoskinsson22:1822:1518 to 301Male6
71622Brita Harper23:3423:31Top 31Female1
81578Becka Page23:3923:34Top 32Female2
91501Sam Albertson23:5023:4717 and Under1Male7
101528Eddie Gaul24:0123:5741 to 501Male8
111519Kevin Daugherty24:0323:5231 to 402Male9
121625Joe Grimes24:3224:1818 to 302Male10
131631Kelsey Grimes24:3224:19Top 33Female3
141534Dani Porter24:3924:3617 and Under1Female4
151600Jennifer Suykerbuyk25:0024:5431 to 401Female5
161599Stacey Steurer25:0625:0231 to 402Female6
171623Dogan Shareese25:0824:5951 and Over1Female7
181582Jessica Porter25:1125:0631 to 403Female8
191549Tad Hetler25:2325:1141 to 502Male11
201619Bobby Gonnie26:2426:2151 and Over2Male12
211529Matt Godfrey26:4826:2431 to 403Male13
221620L Legendre27:0827:0041 to 501Female9
231505John Benjamin27:3527:3151 and Over3Male14
241506Mark Benjamin27:3527:3118 to 303Male15
251586Kate Randall27:5527:5017 and Under2Female10
261559Joshua Hape27:5727:4717 and Under2Male16
271585Janet Randall27:5927:5441 to 502Female11
281613Heather Young28:3328:2241 to 503Female12
291518Autumn Daugherty28:4228:2618 to 301Female13
301552Andres Jaramillo28:5228:4618 to 304Male17
311554Eric Jewell29:1529:0651 and Over4Male18
321517Juliette Damiano29:2329:1341 to 504Female14
331553Stefan Gibson29:2429:1631 to 404Male19
341510Annie Christiansen30:0129:5817 and Under3Female15
351511Kate Christiansen30:0129:5917 and Under4Female16
361512Kylie Christiansen30:0530:0217 and Under5Female17
371611Summer Voth30:1229:5531 to 404Female18
381596Amanda Smith30:3530:2541 to 505Female19
391595Katherine Sloane31:0030:5431 to 405Female20
401508Erin Calles31:1130:5418 to 302Female21
411587Annabella Reidy31:3531:1618 to 303Female22
421588Thomas Reidy31:3631:1818 to 305Male20
431548Jennifer Heim31:5231:4131 to 406Female23
441581Amber Peterson32:1932:0241 to 506Female24
451547Christy Hatch32:1932:0231 to 407Female25
461579Dean Paxson32:3032:1751 and Over5Male21
471604Travis Vaughan33:0932:5331 to 405Male22
481558Emily Ayala33:4633:3518 to 304Female26
491629Maria Martinez33:5733:4631 to 408Female27
501602Crescentia Tso34:0333:5031 to 409Female28
Page 1 of 2 (90 items)

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