2018 Tiki Swim
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1417Terry Richardson29:361.2 Mile 50 to 591Male1
2487Gerald Badding31:081.2 Mile 50 to 592Male2
3405Charles Gillis34:471.2 Mile 60 and Over1Male3
4241Tanner Flusche34:531.2 Mile 17 and Under1Male4
532Brad Hollingsworth35:251.2 Mile 50 to 593Male5
6261Barbara Gayle35:401.2 Mile 40 to 491Female1
7315Benjamin Berger36:091.2 Mile 30 to 391Male6
8440Stephen Bay36:221.2 Mile 50 to 594Male7
9451William Cason36:421.2 Mile 40 to 491Male8
10302Ryan Maender36:591.2 Mile 40 to 492Male9
11244Tori Fraga37:521.2 Mile 50 to 591Female2
1256Sally Boles38:031.2 Mile 40 to 492Female3
13319Jerry Hollister39:041.2 Mile 60 and Over2Male10
14485David Ousley41:131.2 Mile 50 to 595Male11
15170Gus Corona41:201.2 Mile 30 to 392Male12
16230Ross Foster42:521.2 Mile 30 to 393Male13
17521Brian Johnson42:521.2 Mile 40 to 493Male14
18503Craig Stevenson43:051.2 Mile 60 and Over3Male15
19460Jeff Nishimoto43:301.2 Mile 30 to 394Male16
20162Nancy Nowak44:221.2 Mile 50 to 592Female4
21419Kyra Alvarez44:301.2 Mile 18 to 291Female5
22251Robert Barquero45:151.2 Mile 30 to 395Male17
23420Amanda Koshley45:181.2 Mile 18 to 292Female6
24283Kylee Timso45:421.2 Mile 30 to 391Female7
25141Katy James45:461.2 Mile 60 and Over1Female8
2689Michael Markov45:471.2 Mile 40 to 494Male18
27240Janet Flusche46:031.2 Mile 40 to 493Female9
28120Danielle Ritchie46:321.2 Mile 50 to 593Female10
29464Markus Hofmann46:391.2 Mile 50 to 596Male19
30192Vicki Smith48:351.2 Mile 50 to 594Female11
31340Ricky Chan50:281.2 Mile 60 and Over4Male20
32426Ashley Renee Aralar50:421.2 Mile 17 and Under1Female12
33204Rodney Lorang50:421.2 Mile 60 and Over5Male21
34311Ariel Alayu50:451.2 Mile 18 to 291Male22
35516Anna Halbeisen51:211.2 Mile 30 to 392Female13
36128Pamela Vega51:341.2 Mile 40 to 494Female14
37226Michael Whyte51:501.2 Mile 30 to 396Male23
38412Maurice Daoud51:521.2 Mile 40 to 495Male24
39366Ryan Malone51:581.2 Mile 40 to 496Male25
40483Patsy Gaffney52:061.2 Mile 40 to 495Female15
41213Deanna Lynch52:161.2 Mile 50 to 595Female16
4252Neil Dant53:021.2 Mile 50 to 597Male26
43255Carly Wooster53:301.2 Mile 40 to 496Female17
44200Philip Lorang53:311.2 Mile 60 and Over6Male27
45338Natasha Austin53:491.2 Mile 18 to 293Female18
46507Candice Alvarez55:251.2 Mile 40 to 497Female19
47329Sean Vosberg55:361.2 Mile 50 to 598Male28
48372Philip Castaldi56:201.2 Mile 60 and Over7Male29
49394Reese Nottingham56:351.2 Mile 40 to 497Male30
50508Timothy Casey57:431.2 Mile 30 to 397Male31
Page 1 of 4 (160 items)

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