Laveen 5K
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Net Pos
Race No
Net Time
Net Cat Pos
Gender *
Net Gen Pos
24219Susan Findlay28:3428:2612 to 141Female10
88147Alyssa Sola-Kreh45:2145:0918 to 241Female50
5231Laura Cadamagnani33:3233:2125 to 343Female26
84134Amy Clark43:0542:4725 to 345Female46
22151Jessica Jones28:3128:2225 to 342Female9
60153Nelly Klein33:5233:4325 to 344Female29
95189Yoduky Gomez54:5154:3225 to 346Female55
15229Diana Apresa26:5326:4925 to 341Female7
5037Aimee Guerrero33:2033:1335 to 449Female24
18128Katherine Mcmillan27:1627:1435 to 443Female8
69138Leigh Hendrickson37:4437:3435 to 4416Female34
38140Katie Winn30:5830:5135 to 445Female18
44156Jazmin Hidalgo32:0331:4135 to 448Female21
75163Janet Hidalgo39:4339:2635 to 4419Female39
93164Denise Hidalgo49:1448:5735 to 4423Female53
76165Nadia Hidalgo40:4340:2535 to 4420Female40
40167Gladys Roldan31:1531:0935 to 447Female20
37177Carol Munge30:4030:3335 to 444Female17
70182Brenda Cortazar38:2338:0735 to 4417Female35
96184Barbara Majringer54:5054:3235 to 4425Female56
94191Jennifer Valdovinos54:5254:3235 to 4424Female54
87194Miriam Lozano45:2045:0335 to 4422Female49
39212Minerva Perez31:1331:0935 to 446Female19
67213Claire Knightly35:3835:2535 to 4415Female33
10217Leslie Findlay25:2725:1635 to 442Female5
62223Imelda Murrieta34:3534:2435 to 4413Female30
72224Anais Alvarado39:2639:0635 to 4418Female36
57226Angelica Berastegui33:3533:3035 to 4411Female27
85235Valerie Murphy43:0142:4735 to 4421Female47
63237Brittany Conklin35:3835:0635 to 4414Female31
9239Jamilah Musameh24:5724:5135 to 441Female4
58240Sarah Castillo33:3533:3135 to 4412Female28
51243Jaime Baij33:2133:1535 to 4410Female25
89146Dorina Sola46:0345:5245 to 5410Female51
80155Lisa Walters41:2541:1345 to 549Female43
46159Sandra Kirkland32:3332:1645 to 543Female22
47172Stella Hayes32:4532:3345 to 544Female23
73181Yesenia Howard39:3639:1245 to 545Female37
74188Jill Gorrie39:3039:1445 to 546Female38
78227Dawn Shandera41:0640:5045 to 547Female41
11230Heike Hilker25:4225:3845 to 541Female6
79238Lorri Bender41:2241:0145 to 548Female42
26241Bencita Bowman28:5328:3645 to 542Female12
64161Mary Manning35:2835:1055 to 642Female32
36162Janet Foote30:1630:0955 to 641Female16
90186Franceska Drozdz46:2046:0365 to 741Female52
8188Emma Tobin41:5541:367 to 115Female44
86135Payton Clark43:0542:487 to 117Female48
82136Ellie Clark41:5641:397 to 116Female45
33170Madison Roldan29:2629:217 to 113Female14
Page 1 of 2 (97 items)

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