36th Annual Highland Run


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosFinish
11123Phillip Rocha36:5319 to 291Male136:52
21003Rene Delgado39:1050 to 591Male239:09
31104Benjamen Pate39:5430 to 391Male339:53
41156Mike Garduno41:3930 to 392Male441:38
51082Steven Seal42:4419 to 292Male542:43
61162Jason Washburn45:2040 to 491Male645:19
71154Marco Romero45:3419 to 293Male745:33
81109William Garcia46:1250 to 592Male846:11
91107Martrell Lewis46:1419 to 294Male946:13
101091Jennifer Lopez46:2413 to 181Female146:23
111144Baylee Arnold48:1119 to 291Female248:10
121046Stewart Boden48:2060 to 691Male1048:19
131158Gustavo Moran49:3230 to 393Male1149:31
141111Joyce Archbold50:1230 to 391Female350:11
15708Katherine Martin51:2330 to 392Female451:22
161081Jose Luis Raya51:3260 to 692Male1251:31
171134Lesford Duncan51:3830 to 394Male1351:37
181143Elizabeth Hughes51:4119 to 292Female551:40
191090Dawn Rondholz52:2850 to 591Female652:27
201099Michelle Benavides52:4930 to 393Female752:48
211065Kayla Witcik54:3319 to 293Female854:32
221028Dana Gonzalez54:4130 to 394Female954:40
231018Michael Aguilar54:4940 to 492Male1454:48
241157Junior Moran54:5212 and Under1Male1554:51
251033Veronica Acosta54:5530 to 395Female1054:54
261127Elizabeth Marin54:5819 to 294Female1154:57
271110Annie Huang55:2019 to 295Female1255:19
281030Chris Cox55:2250 to 593Male1655:21
291139Manuel Medina55:3840 to 493Male1755:37
301130Gary Regalado55:4750 to 594Male1855:46
311161Lindy Washburn56:0330 to 396Female1356:02
321050Jose May56:0350 to 595Male1956:02
331095Ramon Escamilla56:1440 to 494Male2056:13
341087Hannah Johnson56:1830 to 397Female1456:17
351062John Lohr Jr56:4640 to 495Male2156:45
361041Alison Rodriguez56:4850 to 592Female1556:47
371092Jessica Castanon57:2440 to 491Female1657:23
381061Rudy Esparza57:3013 to 181Male2257:29
391098Dannielle Ivey57:5540 to 492Female1757:54
401149Clarissa Molina58:3119 to 296Female1858:30
411164Luis Cervantes58:3240 to 496Male2358:31
421163Saleen Meza58:3713 to 182Female1958:36
431032Veronica Wilson58:3830 to 398Female2058:37
441048Chris Malcolm58:4560 to 693Male2458:44
451141Louiedette Maling58:4619 to 297Female2158:45
461121Shelly Mason59:1250 to 593Female2259:11
471135Miguel Munoz59:2650 to 596Male2559:25
481026Erin Prieto59:4230 to 399Female2359:41
491070Genevieve Romero59:4830 to 3910Female2459:47
501159Jerry Musgrove59:4860 to 694Male2659:47
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