Heart & Sole 5K and 1 Mile


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Race NoNameTimeNet TimeCategoryGenderPaceFinish
8733Shawn Bernardi18:0618:00Adults 40 to 49Male5:48 min/m18:00
8828Alex Bobian19:3019:25Kids 15 to 19Male6:15 min/m19:25
8668Aaron Capuchino20:2720:07Adults 20 to 29Male6:29 min/m20:07
8752Peter Egytd20:4820:29Adults 30 to 39Male6:36 min/m20:29
8637Diego Rhodes21:0420:58Kids 10 to 14Male6:45 min/m20:58
8888Whitney Daynes21:0420:57Adults 30 to 39Female6:45 min/m20:57
8882Tony Wolff21:2521:19Adults 40 to 49Male6:52 min/m21:19
8849Anthony Reynoso22:0722:01Adults 60 to 69Male7:06 min/m22:01
8814Max Pfaffinger22:3222:27Kids 15 to 19Male7:14 min/m22:27
8580Scott Dobbins22:3622:28Adults 40 to 49Male7:14 min/m22:28
8728Andrea Medina22:3722:29Adults 20 to 29Female7:15 min/m22:29
8655Paul Sadorf22:5922:51Adults 50 to 59Male7:22 min/m22:51
8802Connor Miga23:0822:55Kids 10 to 14Male7:23 min/m22:55
8702Jacob Bobian23:1523:08Adults 20 to 29Male7:27 min/m23:08
7420Raul Alcala23:1523:06Adults 40 to 49Male7:27 min/m23:06
8654Gailanne Croussore23:2423:14Adults 30 to 39Female7:29 min/m23:14
8900Trent Davis23:3023:24Kids 15 to 19Male7:33 min/m23:24
8466Dane Ferentheil23:3523:22Kids 15 to 19Male7:32 min/m23:22
8862Stephen Gill23:3623:29Kids 10 to 14Male7:34 min/m23:29
8709Douglas Gill23:3723:30Adults 30 to 39Male7:35 min/m23:30
8810Savannah Villasenor23:3923:32Kids 15 to 19Female7:35 min/m23:32
8781Shawn Stuart23:5623:44Adults 50 to 59Male7:39 min/m23:44
8713Melissa Holt24:0423:57Adults 40 to 49Female7:43 min/m23:57
8830Sophie Miga24:1124:02Kids 10 to 14Female7:45 min/m24:02
8897Andrew Nevarez24:1724:11Kids 10 to 14Male7:48 min/m24:11
8772Ron Whitler24:2224:12Adults 60 to 69Male7:48 min/m24:12
8887Hope Lyon24:3224:23Adults 20 to 29Female7:51 min/m24:23
8145Jeremy Palmer24:4124:34Adults 40 to 49Male7:55 min/m24:34
8878Luke Baker24:4124:32Kids 15 to 19Male7:54 min/m24:32
8780Dustin Schroff24:4724:38Adults 50 to 59Male7:56 min/m24:38
8864Daniel Gill25:0324:56Kids 10 to 14Male8:02 min/m24:56
8868Peter Gill25:1625:09Kids 6 to 9Male8:06 min/m25:09
8440Misael Aguilar25:2825:14Adults 40 to 49Male8:08 min/m25:14
8805Rebecca Franco25:2825:19Kids 10 to 14Female8:10 min/m25:19
8875Zoie Holt26:1926:11Kids 10 to 14Female8:26 min/m26:11
8625Madelyn Klei26:2026:14Kids 10 to 14Female8:27 min/m26:14
8622Destiny Acevedo26:2026:14Kids 10 to 14Female8:28 min/m26:14
7167Sara Watters26:2326:14Adults 30 to 39Female8:27 min/m26:14
8776Dan Francetic26:3526:22Adults 40 to 49Male8:30 min/m26:22
8663Stacie Minnick26:3726:29Adults 30 to 39Female8:32 min/m26:29
8496Jeffrey Howland26:3926:20Adults 40 to 49Male8:29 min/m26:20
8883Maryn Wolff26:5126:44Kids 10 to 14Female8:37 min/m26:44
8645Byron Sargent26:5326:43Kids 10 to 14Male8:37 min/m26:43
8643Kenny Sargent26:5426:44Adults 40 to 49Male8:37 min/m26:44
8662Heidi Puckett26:5826:46Adults 30 to 39Female8:38 min/m26:46
8870Vicki Dzura27:0226:45Adults 30 to 39Female8:38 min/m26:45
8653Socorro Hernandez27:0827:00Adults 40 to 49Female8:42 min/m27:00
8760Mike Jones27:3527:19Adults 50 to 59Male8:49 min/m27:19
8638Flora Begay27:4227:31Adults 40 to 49Female8:52 min/m27:31
8661Justin Tate27:4727:36Kids 10 to 14Male8:54 min/m27:36
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