Coronado Turkey Trot 5K
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
15148Trent Marlow16:3316:3120 to 291Male1
24877Jack Frimodig16:4016:4015 to 191Male2
34688Brandon Bounds16:5416:5015 to 192Male3
44904Nolan Gerlach16:5816:5520 to 292Male4
55409Harry Steinberg17:1817:1515 to 193Male5
65168Bridie Mccarey17:2217:2120 to 291Female1
74926Matthew Glynn17:3817:3640 to 491Male6
85079Riley Langdon18:1018:0720 to 293Male7
95022Peter Jacques18:2218:1620 to 294Male8
105323Brian Robillard18:2618:2220 to 295Male9
115534James Young18:2818:1815 to 194Male10
125263Asa Parker19:0018:5430 to 391Male11
135383Jesse Smith19:0118:4811 to 141Female2
144834Ben Earthman19:0519:0140 to 492Male12
155382George Smith19:0619:0030 to 392Male13
165177J Mcdaniel19:2119:2020 to 296Male14
175571Francisco Hernandez19:2419:2430 to 393Male15
185325Jim Robillard19:3519:3520 to 297Male16
195037Kirin Karver19:3619:3511 to 141Male17
204972A Hanseler19:3719:3250 to 591Male18
214801Piete Darnaud19:4719:4440 to 493Male19
225320Melanie Roberts19:5419:5430 to 391Female3
234619Bulmaro Almazan19:5919:5740 to 494Male20
244857Thomas Fahy20:0119:5850 to 592Male21
255518Ian Woodley20:1620:1115 to 195Male22
264927Megan Glynn20:3220:2930 to 392Female4
274690Megan Bounds20:4120:3615 to 191Female5
285407Maxwell Stangl20:4220:2015 to 196Male23
295087Ian Lawyer20:4420:3415 to 197Male24
305264Tina-Marie Parker20:5520:5020 to 292Female6
314632Kevin Anderton21:0120:5530 to 394Male25
324905Travis Gerlach21:0120:3140 to 495Male26
335038Marc Karver21:1021:0940 to 496Male27
345080Nicholas Lautmann21:1621:1020 to 298Male28
355302Avery Rape21:1721:1220 to 293Female7
365102Quique Leon21:1921:1415 to 198Male29
375519Joe Woodley21:1921:1611 to 142Male30
385176Jean Mccullum21:4221:3720 to 294Female8
395523Thomas Woods21:4321:4211 to 143Male31
405303Debbie Rape21:4521:3850 to 591Female9
414691Roger Bounds21:4821:4340 to 497Male32
425134Jim Macguire21:5121:2415 to 199Male33
435464Morgan Van Buren22:0321:2030 to 395Male34
445002John Houfek22:0822:0350 to 593Male35
455448Curtis Trueblood22:0921:3815 to 1910Male36
465324Greg Robillard22:1122:0750 to 594Male37
474753Joe Chase22:1221:3630 to 396Male38
485064Mathew Kyker22:1321:4620 to 299Male39
495063Paul Kuettner22:1422:1440 to 499Male40
505553Matteo Babic22:1621:5815 to 1913Male41
Page 1 of 18 (884 items)

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