Estrella Cactus 5K
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Net Pos
Race No
Net Cat Pos
Net Gen Pos
1461Carleton 'buck' Jones21:13Top 31Male1
2487Jason Miller23:47Top 32Male2
3513Mike Williamson24:42Top 33Male3
4489Jeep Burke24:4540 to 491Male4
5470Crystal Mayerhofer24:54Top 31Female1
6488Javier Mancilla27:1130 to 391Male5
7547Lee Guscott28:2740 to 492Male6
8514Mitch Moritomo28:4340 to 493Male7
9549Catriona Forrest28:48Top 32Female2
10482Lucy Arana28:54Top 33Female3
11486Jamilah Musameh29:0330 to 391Female4
12485Heike Hilker29:0440 to 491Female5
13455Barry Demartin29:1130 to 392Male8
14522Rachel Smith29:3440 to 492Female6
15472Dan Castillo30:2840 to 494Male9
16451Amber Mackin30:5130 to 392Female7
17548Sarah Penry31:0414 and Under1Female8
18481Gene Cooper Iii31:0850 to 591Male10
19453Angela Schwendiman31:5540 to 493Female9
20523Raul Alcala32:0240 to 495Male11
21452Andrea Dodd32:2740 to 494Female10
22536Steven Bosma32:2940 to 496Male12
23454Ariana Brown32:4815 to 191Female11
24530Sierra Boites32:5330 to 393Female12
25521Paula Murray33:0450 to 591Female13
26477Donmichael Dezonia33:0530 to 393Male13
27490Jeffrey Schmidt33:1960 and Over1Male14
28511Michael Taylor33:2840 to 497Male15
29462Carol Munge33:3830 to 394Female14
31473David Johnston34:3040 to 498Male17
32533Stephanie Lucero34:3020 to 291Female15
33463Catherine Ross34:4014 and Under2Female16
34468Clare Bergin34:5914 and Under3Female17
35457Brian Bergin34:5950 to 592Male18
30456Brandon Johnson35:0030 to 394Male16
36538Theresa Bergin35:1740 to 495Female18
38509Mary Lipton35:3140 to 496Female20
39539Tina Thompson35:3450 to 592Female21
40508Mark Taylor36:0560 and Over2Male19
41484Heidi Puckett36:2530 to 396Female22
42459Brittney Weber36:3930 to 397Female23
37500Krista Sawicki36:4030 to 395Female19
43494Jodi Erickson36:5140 to 497Female24
44465Charlotte Bentz36:5330 to 398Female25
45506Lisa Williams37:0040 to 498Female26
46501Larry Moser37:3540 to 499Male20
47519Norma Trejo37:4640 to 499Female27
48535Steven Bock38:2540 to 4910Male21
49475David Kozma38:3050 to 593Male22
50471Daisy Ordonez38:4220 to 292Female28
Page 1 of 2 (84 items)

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