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7 Jun 2014
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Race No
Name *
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
15058Aaron Blazer41:45303935Male110New BerlinWI 8:21 min/m
3453Abbey Abraham52:25303955Female155Fond du LacWI 10:29 min/m
101522Abbey Schneider39:1620295Female18Fond du LacWI 7:51 min/m
3288Abigail Busse34:1315191Female4Fond du LacWI 6:50 min/m
276798Adam Schumacher47:31202930Male166WaupunWI 9:30 min/m
2501354Alan Maeder46:32404931Male155Fond du LacWI 9:18 min/m
261514Alan Schmitz47:02505921Male159Fox LakeWI 9:24 min/m
1211215Alan Weir40:25505911Male96Fond du LacWI 8:05 min/m
6471Alec Potter30:2615192Male6RosendaleWI 6:05 min/m
291101Alex Christel48:23202931Male171KielWI 9:40 min/m
2111230Alex Konen44:45303943Male136 MN 8:57 min/m
1151302Alex Kusters39:50202922Male92MadisonWI 7:58 min/m
271729Ally Francis47:2500142Female108Fond du LacWI 9:29 min/m
2061306Amanda Beihoff44:42303926Female74Fond du Lac WI 8:56 min/m
164372Amanda Margelofsky42:31202917Female51North Fond du LacWI 8:30 min/m
235433Amanda Neubauer45:52303931Female84Fond du LacWI 9:10 min/m
3061305Amanda Niederehe49:07202940Female128  9:49 min/m
324549Amanda Smith50:24202943Female143Mount CalvaryWI 10:04 min/m
20939Amy Bayer44:43202927Female75Fond du LacWI 8:56 min/m
37554Amy Blain54:52303967Female176PewaukeeWI 10:58 min/m
182411Amy Morenzien43:15303921Female58North Fond du LacWI 8:39 min/m
338770Amy Mouw51:34303953Female150Fond du LacWI 10:18 min/m
350535Amy Schwartz52:48303958Female159Fond du LacWI 10:33 min/m
3441221Amy Waters51:55202947Female154Fond du LacWI 10:23 min/m
7894Andrew Klapper31:0115193Male7BrandonWI 6:12 min/m
1361309Andy Schmitz41:08303933Male105Fond du Lac WI 8:13 min/m
242217Angela Hall46:10303934Female91CampbellsportWI 9:14 min/m
3641233Angela Kalsbeek53:50303963Female167Fond du LacWI 10:46 min/m
2851329Angelina Klapperich47:57202936Female117Fond du LacWI 9:35 min/m
330316Angie Kochan50:47202945Female146Fond du LacWI 10:09 min/m
286558Angie Steffes48:09303945Female118Mount CalvaryWI 9:37 min/m
22819Ann Bachar45:28404915Female81WauwatosaWI 9:05 min/m
309348Ann Leroux49:1150597Female129Fond du LacWI 9:50 min/m
111489Annette Rodriguez39:41202920Male88Fond du lacWI 7:56 min/m
491303Anthony Rixen35:55202915Male43  7:11 min/m
417181Ashley Garcia1:34:30202961Female206Fond du LacWI 18:54 min/m
171222Ashley Hansen42:51202919Female53New HolsteinWI 8:34 min/m
418307Beckham Kastein1:38:24001411Male212OshkoshWI 19:40 min/m
380584Becky Thome55:49202952Female180Fond du LacWI 11:09 min/m
170279Ben Humleker42:49303937Male118Fond du LacWI 8:33 min/m
42854Benjamin Navis35:26202913Male38WaupunWI 7:05 min/m
341246Beth Hewitt51:47303954Female152WaupunWI 10:21 min/m
288979Beth Johnson48:11303946Female119EldoradoWI 9:38 min/m
3221314Bethann Derrsen50:21202942Female141  10:04 min/m
8550Bill Benson38:4450596Male75Fond du LacWI 7:44 min/m
21298Bill Chase44:46404928Male137Fond du LacWI 8:57 min/m
167934Bill Peters42:41404925Male116Green LakeWI 8:32 min/m
231358Billie Jo Loehr45:49303929Female82Fond du lacWI 9:09 min/m
131613Brad Vosters40:51303932Male103Cottage GroveWI 8:10 min/m
31315Bradley Koch34:1015195Male28Green BayWI 6:50 min/m
Page 1 of 9 (422 items)

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