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07 June 2014
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Race No *
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
121Katie Gellings32:1320291Female1North Fond du LacWI 6:26 min/m
12Josiah Swanson25:4920291Male1Fond du LacWI 5:09 min/m
3453Abbey Abraham52:25303955Female155Fond du LacWI 10:29 min/m
34Eric Bilitz27:3415191Male3Fond du LacWI 5:30 min/m
6713Mark Albert37:24404910Male59Fond du LacWI 7:28 min/m
24816Lisa Albrecht46:27303937Female95FDLWI 9:17 min/m
8217Keith Andrew38:22303925Male72Fond du LacWI 7:40 min/m
26218Emily Anton47:04202933Female103Fond du LacWI 9:24 min/m
22819Ann Bachar45:28404915Female81WauwatosaWI 9:05 min/m
22422Joey Bachar45:1800146Male145WauwatosaWI 9:03 min/m
3526Paul Baganz34:4060692Male31Fond du LacWI 6:56 min/m
7027Samantha Baker37:3630394Female9Fond du LacWI 7:31 min/m
8730Raymond Banda38:53303927Male77AppletonWI 7:46 min/m
25732Chelsey Barbeau46:47202931Female100BerlinWI 9:21 min/m
24133Cindy Barbeau46:0950594Female90Fond du LacWI 9:13 min/m
4034Michael Barbeau35:2215196Male36Fond du LacWI 7:04 min/m
20939Amy Bayer44:43202927Female75Fond du LacWI 8:56 min/m
21040Michael Bayer44:43303942Male135Fond du LacWI 8:56 min/m
24342Jen Beattie46:16303935Female92Fond du LacWI 9:15 min/m
5243Nick Beattie36:25303913Male45Fond du LacWI 7:17 min/m
18748Chris Behrendt43:23303939Male126DeforestWI 8:40 min/m
8550Bill Benson38:4450596Male75Fond du LacWI 7:44 min/m
23453Lara Birkholz45:51303930Female83Fond du LacWI 9:10 min/m
37554Amy Blain54:52303967Female176PewaukeeWI 10:58 min/m
15058Aaron Blazer41:45303935Male110New BerlinWI 8:21 min/m
17360Eva Bloedorn42:5300144Male120Fond du lacWI 8:34 min/m
10667Jenny Bonlender39:27303911Female21EldoradoWI 7:53 min/m
8969Kathy Bowe38:5540491Female11NeenahWI 7:47 min/m
35770Ricky Boynton53:26606912Male196OshkoshWI 10:41 min/m
24073Kaliann Breest45:58202930Female89Fond du LacWI 9:11 min/m
3776Jason Brenner35:03303910Male33MaloneWI 7:00 min/m
9481Brittni Buechel38:5920293Female14St. CloudWI 7:47 min/m
4182Karl Buell35:23202912Male37new holsteinWI 7:04 min/m
7883Jake Buerger38:0515199Male69Fond du LacWI 7:37 min/m
3288Abigail Busse34:1315191Female4Fond du LacWI 6:50 min/m
13989Kathleen Busse41:1640494Female33Fond du LacWI 8:15 min/m
2590Rob Busse33:5650591Male23Fond du LacWI 6:47 min/m
2095Glenn Cederholm33:2240493Male18Fond du lacWI 6:40 min/m
9697Sheila Cederholm39:0340492Female15Fond du lacWI 7:48 min/m
21298Bill Chase44:46404928Male137Fond du LacWI 8:57 min/m
291101Alex Christel48:23202931Male171KielWI 9:40 min/m
385102Dana Christel56:17202954Female182KielWI 11:15 min/m
244105Kevin Clinard46:16303950Male152Fond du LacWI 9:15 min/m
389106Larissa Clinard56:42303969Female185Fond du LacWI 11:20 min/m
60107Robert Coleman36:55303917Male53Fond du LacWI 7:23 min/m
153108Shannon Coleman41:47202915Female42Fond du LacWI 8:21 min/m
183115Connie Coon43:18303922Female59Fond du LacWI 8:39 min/m
23118Jeff Coon33:4930398Male21Fond du LacWI 6:45 min/m
9119Joel Coon31:2830393Male9depereWI 6:17 min/m
237124Jessica Cundy45:55303933Female86West BendWI 9:11 min/m
Page 1 of 9 (422 items)

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