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11 Jun 2016
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Race No *
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
32Josiah Swanson30:03.8Overall323Male3Fond Du LacWI 6:00 min/m
184Katie Gellings33:23.6Overall228Female2North Fond du LacWI 6:40 min/m
508Scott Block35:54.140491042Male47Fond du LacWI 7:10 min/m
9310Mark Albert39:50.240491546Male74Fond du LacWI 7:58 min/m
13611Lisa Albrecht43:28.830391638Female41Fond Du LacWI 8:41 min/m
12112Marcus Anderson42:32.440492147Male90Fond Du LacWI 8:30 min/m
5813Keith Andrew36:57.230391236Male52Fond Du LacWI 7:23 min/m
32314Emily Anton58:42.920294328Female163Fond Du LacWI 11:44 min/m
22115Stephanie Babler48:19.840492443Female92Fond du LacWI 9:39 min/m
15216Timothy Babler44:05.340492745Male104Fond du LacWI 8:49 min/m
21217Benjamin Baganz47:31.720292124Male126Fond Du LacFond du LacWI 9:30 min/m
21318Paul Baganz47:32.16069462Male127Fond Du LacFond du LacWI 9:30 min/m
20319Kevin Baker46:51.340493040Male124Fond Du LacWI 9:22 min/m
5720Samantha Baker36:48.13039136Female6Fond Du LacWI 7:21 min/m
19621Robert Bannasch46:38.830393236Male122Fond Du LacWI 9:19 min/m
6522Jeremy Baszynski37:13.140491241Male57Beaver DamWI 7:26 min/m
19423Jennifer Beattie46:35.340492140Female73Fond Du LacWI 9:19 min/m
16525Rebecca Becker45:03.230392230Female56HubertusWI 9:00 min/m
20426Brittney Behrendt46:53.330392731Female80De ForestWI 9:22 min/m
9727Bill Benson40:08.95059956Male78Fond Du LacWI 8:01 min/m
19728Ellen Bestor46:40.35059259Female75North Fond du LacWI 9:20 min/m
13229Emily Bestor43:06.92029826Female38MadisonWI 8:37 min/m
18631Sherry Billings46:20.540492044Female69Fond Du LacWI 9:16 min/m
17132Lauren Biolo45:23.420291328Female58MaloneWI 9:04 min/m
32833Brindah Birkholz1:00:19.430395835Female167Fond Du LacWI 12:03 min/m
20734Christine Birschbach47:08.930392833Female83Fond Du LacWI 9:25 min/m
29135Janis Birschbach53:19.630394733Female139Fond Du LacWI 10:39 min/m
4736Luke Breyer35:41.215191215Male44Sun PrairieWI 7:08 min/m
6138Mark Breyer37:02.55059452Male55Sun PrairieWI 7:24 min/m
1339Jason Buechel31:55.33039638Male12AustinTX 6:23 min/m
2840Adam Buerger34:16.80014114Male25Fond Du LacWI 6:51 min/m
23341Daniel Burghardt48:50.750591553Male135Fond du LacWI 9:46 min/m
23242Sarah Burghardt48:50.220292623Female98Fond du LacWI 9:46 min/m
24143Amber Buss49:10.930393434Female102OshkoshWI 9:50 min/m
7544Alyssa Butz38:27.90014113Female13KewaskumWI 7:41 min/m
17545Erin Butzke45:27.41519318Female62Fond Du LacWI 9:05 min/m
35146Cindy Carter1:09:46.96069460Female184AppletonWI 13:57 min/m
34847Kelsey Carter1:06:45.51519819Female181Fond Du LacWI 13:21 min/m
21848William Cavill47:51.330393435Male128Fond Du LacWI 9:34 min/m
4549Jim Cinnamon35:31.24049849Male42MayvilleWI 7:06 min/m
24450Kimberly Cinnamon49:21.140492749Female104MayvilleWI 9:52 min/m
2251Robert Coleman33:48.73039732Male19Fond Du LacWI 6:45 min/m
35252Sarah Cooke1:10:03.120294827Female185MinneapolisMN 14:00 min/m
12453Connie Coon42:40.730391339Female32Fond Du LacWI 8:32 min/m
2554Jeff Coon34:12.33039939Male22Fond Du LacWI 6:50 min/m
17055Kasey Corrado45:23.420291225Female57MaloneWI 9:04 min/m
13156Bentley Curran43:03.150591254Male94Fond Du LacWI 8:36 min/m
14357Jennifer Cushman43:37.940491142Female44NokomisFL 8:43 min/m
12358Robert Cushman42:40.240492341Male92NokomisFL 8:32 min/m
15459Tara Dahlke44:19.620291128Female50Fond Du LacWI 8:51 min/m
Page 1 of 8 (352 items)