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2 Aug 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1109Wyatt Tramburg49:34Overall1Male1Fall RiverWI 5:19 min/m
26Jason Ryf50:42Overall2Male2OshkoshWI 5:27 min/m
31Sean Kutz51:07Overall3Male3OshkoshWI 5:29 min/m
4111Eamon Mckenna52:4130391Male4OshkoshWI 5:39 min/m
55Mark Allen53:0220291Male5Port WashingtonWI 5:42 min/m
614Eric Bilitz55:1115191Male6Fond Du LacWI 5:56 min/m
74Jennifer Chaudoir1:01:51Overall1Female1Green BayWI 6:39 min/m
895Todd Good1:01:5240491Male7MenashaWI 6:39 min/m
9105Brian Hoerth1:02:1830392Male8Fond Du LacWI 6:41 min/m
10115Casey Herzig1:02:4030393Male9Fond Du LacWI 6:44 min/m
11104Laura Schmitz1:02:46Overall2Female2OshkoshWI 6:45 min/m
12110Jeff Beirne1:03:3430394Male10Fond Du LacWI 6:50 min/m
1325Scott Block1:04:2440492Male11Fond Du LacWI 6:55 min/m
142Mary Bolich1:04:32Overall3Female3PlymouthWI 6:56 min/m
15101Sophie Bolich1:04:3315191Female4PlymouthWI 6:56 min/m
1627David Bader1:04:5040493Male12Fond Du LacWI 6:58 min/m
1723Paul Baganz1:05:4160691Male13Fond Du LacWI 7:03 min/m
1811Alastair Matthews1:07:5050591Male14KielWI 7:17 min/m
1986Jonathan Brinkley1:08:3130395Male15Fond du LacWI 7:22 min/m
2083Mark Schorse1:09:5450592Male16Fond Du LacWI 7:31 min/m
2187Sarah Brinkley1:10:1830391Female5Fond Du LacWI 7:33 min/m
2218Robert Busse1:10:2050593Male17Fond Du LacWI 7:33 min/m
2399Brad Reinke1:12:0330396Male18Fond Du LacWI 7:44 min/m
247Anthony Phillips1:12:1130397Male19Fond Du LacWI 7:45 min/m
2577Joanie Hammer1:12:2230392Female6Fond Du LacWI 7:46 min/m
2656Alan Weir1:12:3050594Male20Fond Du LacWI 7:47 min/m
2796Norv Krug1:13:0840494Male21Green BayWI 7:51 min/m
2817Seth Udlis1:13:5540495Male22Fond Du LacWI 7:56 min/m
2915Jeff Bilitz1:15:3740496Male23Fond Du LacWI 8:07 min/m
30102Bill Benson1:16:1750595Male24Fond du LacWI 8:12 min/m
3175Sheila Cederholm1:16:2440491Female7Fond Du LacWI 8:12 min/m
32113Molly S. Urban1:16:5930393Female8OshkoshWI 8:16 min/m
33114Todd Bestor1:16:5950596Male25Fond Du LacWI 8:16 min/m
34112Kelly Baker1:17:0230394Female9Fond Du LacWI 8:16 min/m
3548Douglas Jacques1:17:3850597Male26Fond Du LacWI 8:20 min/m
3649Bonnie Detert1:17:5950591Female10North Fond Du LacWI 8:23 min/m
3797Rick Schmidt1:18:2840497Male27Fond Du LacWI 8:26 min/m
3851Dawn Staudt1:18:4220291Female11Fond Du LacWI 8:27 min/m
3916Sarah Kelnhofer1:19:2730395Female12Fond Du LacWI 8:32 min/m
4036Chad Muehlbauer1:20:3840498Male28Fond Du LacWI 8:40 min/m
4146Jennifer Fleischman1:20:3840492Female13LomiraWI 8:40 min/m
42116Tony Tumey1:20:5460692Male29SherwoodWI 8:41 min/m
4333Kristen Fellers1:21:0340493Female14Fond Du LacWI 8:42 min/m
4419Kathleen Busse1:21:1740494Female15Fond Du LacWI 8:44 min/m
45108Amanda Kober1:21:2730396Female16Fond Du LacWI 8:45 min/m
4637Amy Morenzien1:21:2930397Female17North Fond Du LacWI 8:45 min/m
47120Mike Hunter1:23:0950598Male30OshkoshWI 8:56 min/m
48106Jodi Steward1:23:1040495Female18Fond Du LacWI 8:56 min/m
4947Britan Jacques1:23:5820292Female19Fond Du LacWI 9:01 min/m
5052Jodie Liedke1:24:0630398Female20SheboyganWI 9:02 min/m
Page 1 of 2 (71 items)

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