Dursley and Wotton Prmary Schools X Country League - Round 3
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1 Dec 2018
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Race No
1112SJ12 00:04:37ST JOSEPH
230CE08 00:04:39CAM EVERLAND
357IM01 00:04:44IMMANUEL
491SH05 00:04:46SHARPNESS
5126WY11 00:04:54WYCLIFFE
690SH04 00:04:56SHARPNESS
766K09 00:04:57KINGSWOOD
820BR18 00:04:57BRITISH
989SH03 00:05:06SHARPNESS
1014BR02 00:05:10BRITISH
11124WY09 00:05:13WYCLIFFE
125AH23 00:05:14ALEX HOSEA
1337CH06 00:05:14CAM HOPTON
1449D02 00:05:15DURSLEY
1588RD04 00:05:17RODMARTON
1644C02 00:05:19CHARFIELD
17110SJ10 00:05:20ST JOSEPH
1858K01 00:05:21KINGSWOOD
191AH15 00:05:22ALEX HOSEA
2055HL05 00:05:22HILLESLEY
21111SJ11 00:05:23ST JOSEPH
2277L12 00:05:23LEIGHTERTON
2379NN01 00:05:23NORTH NIBLEY
2424CE02 00:05:24CAM EVERLAND
25106SJ06 00:05:25ST JOSEPH
2682NN04 00:05:26NORTH NIBLEY
2733CH02 00:05:26CAM HOPTON
2864K07 00:05:28KINGSWOOD
29451NN34 00:05:29NORTH NIBLEY
3056HL21 00:05:32HILLESLEY
3159K02 00:05:33KINGSWOOD
3295SL14 00:05:34SLIMBRIDGE
3398SL17 00:05:35SLIMBRIDGE
34109SJ09 00:05:38ST JOSEPH
35101CR01 00:05:38ST ANDREWS
3632CH01 00:05:39CAM HOPTON
3731CE09 00:05:39CAM EVERLAND
38108SJ08 00:05:41ST JOSEPH
3967K10 00:05:42KINGSWOOD
4018BR13 00:05:45BRITISH
41105SJ05 00:05:45ST JOSEPH
4217BR05 00:05:47BRITISH
4372L02 00:05:48LEIGHTERTON
444AH19 00:05:50ALEX HOSEA
4592SL11 00:05:50SLIMBRIDGE
4684NN06 00:05:52NORTH NIBLEY
473AH17 00:05:59ALEX HOSEA
48450NN33 00:06:00NORTH NIBLEY
4953HW10 00:06:00HAWKESBURY
5070K13 00:06:01KINGSWOOD
Page 1 of 3 (133 items)

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