Stepping Stone Lighthouse 5K
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22 Oct 2017
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3215Michelle Ahdoot00:25:57.4F 40-441FemaleGreat NeckNew York8:22 min/m
3316Alex Ahdoot00:25:57.5F 14-181FemaleGreat NeckNew York8:22 min/m
3932Emily Chester00:27:15.1F 30-341FemaleGreat NeckNew York8:47 min/m
10748Evelyn Fleshel00:53:01.9F 75-791FemaleGreat NeckNew York17:06 min/m
2560Zhang Han00:24:44.6M 25-291MaleLittle NeckNew York7:58 min/m
1468John Hynes00:23:06.9M 45-491MaleMalverneNew York7:27 min/m
879Seth Kurpiel00:21:54.5M 35-391MaleGreat NeckNew York7:04 min/m
6580Snow Lee00:33:11.4F 25-291FemaleLittle NeckNew York10:42 min/m
5081Waltraud Leitner00:29:28.2F 55-591FemaleGreat NeckNew York9:30 min/m
483Min Neng Li00:21:34.0M 40-441MaleGreat NeckNew York6:57 min/m
2099Jeremy Orenstein00:23:46.9M 30-341MaleGreat NeckNew York7:40 min/m
48116Allison Roditi00:29:08.9F 35-391FemalePort WashingtonNew York9:24 min/m
130114Robert Rochedieu01:01:43.8M 70-741MaleFloral ParkNew York19:54 min/m
24128Tami Secunda00:24:37.7Top3 Female1FemaleGreat NeckNew York7:56 min/m
36129Alan Stein00:27:00.6M 65-691MaleRockville CentreNew York8:42 min/m
6140Raymond Tiburzi00:21:41.6M 55-591MaleEast NorthportNew York6:59 min/m
126Theo Chang00:20:02.0Top3 Male1MaleGreat NeckNew York6:27 min/m
7064Sophia Hendizadeh00:33:44.7F 13-1FemaleGreat NeckNew York10:53 min/m
12995Dan Nachmanoff01:00:15.2M 80+1MaleGreat NeckNew York19:26 min/m
12596Gloria Nachmanoff00:58:47.6F 80+1FemaleGreat NeckNew York18:57 min/m
84130Philip Steinberg00:37:31.8M 19-241MaleGreat NeckNew York12:06 min/m
115142Xinyao Wang00:54:35.1F 19-241FemaleLittle NeckNew York17:36 min/m
9219Melanie Benvenne00:41:07.7F 70-741FemaleBronxNew York13:16 min/m
45103Nilla Park00:28:20.2F 45-491FemaleGreat NeckNew York9:08 min/m
118112Stuart Rabeck00:55:17.3M 75-791MaleGreat NeckNew York17:50 min/m
23150Elijah Kule00:24:30.8M 13-1MaleGreat NeckNew York7:54 min/m
38155Eugene Frid00:27:04.3M 60-641MaleGreat NeckNew York8:43 min/m
47157Michele Goldstein00:28:45.3F 50-541FemalemellvilleNew York9:16 min/m
80159Gloria Mauro00:35:17.6F 60-641Female New York11:23 min/m
112160Melanie Miller00:54:12.3F 65-691FemaleGreat NeckNew York17:29 min/m
10162Ariel Arabian00:22:16.6M 14-181MaleGreat NeckNew York7:11 min/m
5178Vivek Pabby00:21:34.5M 50-541MalescarsdaleNew York6:57 min/m
83196Marjan Greenblatt00:36:06.9Age 01Female New York11:39 min/m
27190Emily Zucal00:25:10.1Top3 Female2Female New York8:07 min/m
123187Calla Shubin00:58:42.2F 19-242Female New York18:56 min/m
57179Mark Frankel00:30:54.3M 60-642MaleGreat NeckNew York9:58 min/m
11184Eamonn Flood00:22:25.6M 40-442MaleGreat NeckNew York7:14 min/m
29186Yusuke Ueki00:25:30.3M 25-292MaleLittle NeckNew York8:13 min/m
13164Fred Wilkowski00:22:59.9M 55-592Malenorth woodmereNew York7:25 min/m
73161Jaklin Malekan00:34:05.8F 45-492FemaleGreat NeckNew York10:59 min/m
56173Marcus Pang00:30:45.5M 14-182MaleGreat NeckNew York9:55 min/m
2154Ron Hahitti00:21:13.8Top3 Male2MaleNew Hyde ParkNew York6:50 min/m
7152Robert Rossen00:21:53.2M 50-542MaleGreat NeckNew York7:03 min/m
86104Katie Park00:38:23.8F 13-2FemaleGreat NeckNew York12:23 min/m
119111Sandy Rabeck00:55:17.9F 70-742FemaleGreat NeckNew York17:50 min/m
61139Grace Tian00:31:49.3F 50-542FemaleLittle NeckNew York10:15 min/m
22137Tom Tao00:24:00.2M 45-492MaleLittle NeckNew York7:44 min/m
79110Katherine Powers00:35:07.4F 25-292FemaleDouglastonNew York11:19 min/m
19120Owen Roubeni00:23:28.1M 35-392MaleGreat NeckNew York7:34 min/m
158122Judith Rymer01:07:02.0F 80+2FemaleGreat NeckNew York21:37 min/m
Page 1 of 4 (165 items)