Stepping Stone Lighthouse 5K
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22 Oct 2017
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3215Michelle Ahdoot00:25:57.4F 40-441FemaleGreat NeckNew York8:22 min/m
3316Alex Ahdoot00:25:57.5F 14-181FemaleGreat NeckNew York8:22 min/m
10017Nancy Allen00:47:46.8F 60-642FemalePort WashingtonNew York15:24 min/m
4120Justin Bocian00:27:39.0M 13-2MaleOld BethpageNew York8:55 min/m
7621Eric Bocian00:34:24.5M 13-4MaleOld BethpageNew York11:05 min/m
5822Richard Brodsky00:31:14.0M 65-692MaleAtlantic BeachNew York10:04 min/m
15923Wolstan Brown01:07:02.8M 80+2MaleGreat NeckNew York21:37 min/m
3932Emily Chester00:27:15.1F 30-341FemaleGreat NeckNew York8:47 min/m
4634Rebecca Chu00:28:31.9F 40-442FemaleGreat NeckNew York9:12 min/m
341David Dillmeier00:21:20.3Top3 Male3MaleGarden CityNew York6:53 min/m
1745Neil Finkston00:23:18.6M 50-545MaleGreat NeckNew York7:31 min/m
5146David Fleshel00:29:44.0M 45-493MaleGreat NeckNew York9:35 min/m
11347Eileen Fleshel00:54:28.2F 45-498FemaleGreat NeckNew York17:34 min/m
10748Evelyn Fleshel00:53:01.9F 75-791FemaleGreat NeckNew York17:06 min/m
3449Steven Friedland00:26:10.8M 50-546MaleGreat NeckNew York8:26 min/m
7450Judy Friedman00:34:17.3F 55-592FemaleNew Hyde ParkNew York11:03 min/m
8951Beth Friedmann00:40:00.1F 40-444FemaleGreat NeckNew York12:54 min/m
2152Dave Froehlich00:23:58.3M 30-342MalePort WashingtonNew York7:43 min/m
15754Ron Gimondo01:06:37.1M 50-5411MaleGreat NeckNew York21:29 min/m
15657Amanda Gimondo01:06:36.5F 45-4911FemaleGreat NeckNew York21:29 min/m
2560Zhang Han00:24:44.6M 25-291MaleLittle NeckNew York7:58 min/m
7262Pedram Hendizadeh00:34:05.2M 45-495MaleGreat NeckNew York10:59 min/m
1468John Hynes00:23:06.9M 45-491MaleMalverneNew York7:27 min/m
9569Malka Ismach00:43:45.3F 35-395FemaleGreat NeckNew York14:06 min/m
5370Eric Itzkowitz00:30:27.8M 55-594MaleGreat NeckNew York9:49 min/m
4971Allison Jacobs00:29:11.1F 35-392FemalePort WashingtonNew York9:24 min/m
10674Brad Kaufman00:51:55.1M 45-496MaleRoslyn HeightsNew York16:44 min/m
7775Jennifer Khoda00:34:25.8F 35-394FemaleGreat NeckNew York11:06 min/m
879Seth Kurpiel00:21:54.5M 35-391MaleGreat NeckNew York7:04 min/m
6580Snow Lee00:33:11.4F 25-291FemaleLittle NeckNew York10:42 min/m
5081Waltraud Leitner00:29:28.2F 55-591FemaleGreat NeckNew York9:30 min/m
4382Yubin Li00:27:53.3F 30-342FemaleGreat NeckNew York8:59 min/m
483Min Neng Li00:21:34.0M 40-441MaleGreat NeckNew York6:57 min/m
15086Stephen Mahadeo01:05:19.2M 30-344MaleGreat NeckNew York21:04 min/m
14187Susan Mandelbaum01:04:37.3F 65-694FemaleGreat NeckNew York20:50 min/m
10388Mary Martinez00:49:24.9F 50-545FemaleNew YorkNew York15:56 min/m
7592Stacey Moser00:34:24.4F 35-393FemaleAstoriaNew York11:05 min/m
10897Theresa Nardo00:53:02.4F 60-644FemaleGreat NeckNew York17:06 min/m
8798Peter Nesfield00:38:42.9M 55-596MaleHuntingtonNew York12:29 min/m
2099Jeremy Orenstein00:23:46.9M 30-341MaleGreat NeckNew York7:40 min/m
160100Theresa Oropallo01:07:21.2F 70-748FemaleFloarl ParkNew York21:43 min/m
16101Jonathan Paisner00:23:15.4M 50-544MaleGreat NeckNew York7:30 min/m
44102Avery Park00:27:58.4F 14-182FemaleGreat NeckNew York9:01 min/m
52109Andrew Powers00:30:02.8M 25-293MaleDouglastonNew York9:41 min/m
149113Barbara Reiter01:05:17.2F 70-747FemaleFloral ParkNew York21:03 min/m
130114Robert Rochedieu01:01:43.8M 70-741MaleFloral ParkNew York19:54 min/m
131115June Rochedieu01:01:44.2F 65-692FemaleFloral ParkNew York19:54 min/m
48116Allison Roditi00:29:08.9F 35-391FemalePort WashingtonNew York9:24 min/m
15117Douglas Rosen00:23:13.7M 40-444MaleGreat NeckNew York7:29 min/m
101121Deirdre Ryan00:47:53.9F 50-544FemaleManhassetNew York15:27 min/m
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