Cornwall Cancer Run/Walk
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3 Nov 2018
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21890Harry OWENS00:30:17.7M 60-692BeaconNew York9:46 min/m
33786Jake FORTER00:42:50.6M 19-291BLOOMINGBURGNew York13:49 min/m
25868Tenzin MOTZ00:33:44.1F 30-392CHESTERNew York10:52 min/m
16869Gary MOTZ00:29:32.1M 40-491ChesterNew York9:31 min/m
3882William RALL JR00:22:12.8Top3 Male3CornwallNew York7:09 min/m
30886Diana STANLEY-THOMAS00:39:26.5F 50-593CornwallNew York12:43 min/m
24887John THOMAS00:33:36.0M 50-594CornwallNew York10:50 min/m
31899Ericka ABRAHAM00:39:39.8F 70+1CORNWALLNew York12:47 min/m
1756Ryan LINEY00:20:42.7Top3 Male1CORNWALLNew York6:40 min/m
13883Daniel BENGYAK00:27:52.9M 30-392CORNWALL HDSNNew York8:59 min/m
11884Will BENGYAK00:27:45.9M 14-2CORNWALL HDSNNew York8:57 min/m
12830Julie BENGYAK00:27:51.1F 30-391CORNWALL HDSNNew York8:59 min/m
26757Brendan COYNE00:35:30.9M 70+1CORNWALL ON HUDSONNew York11:27 min/m
22895Catherine PATTERSON00:30:49.8F 40-492Cornwall On HudsonNew York9:56 min/m
7896Kate PATTERSON00:24:27.2Top3 Female2Cornwall on HudsonNew York7:53 min/m
37787Francine CLANCY00:45:15.0F Age 01CORNWALL ON HUDSONNew York14:35 min/m
5798Brady BALCOMBER00:23:52.2M 14-1CORNWALL ON HUDSONNew York7:42 min/m
9791Patrick OGARA00:27:28.7M 30-391CORTLANDT MANORNew York8:51 min/m
10790Shana OGARA00:27:28.9Top3 Female3CORTLANDT MANORNew York8:51 min/m
32897Sharon KERSAT00:42:12.0F 50-594ENDWELLNew York13:36 min/m
45833Bob BAIRD00:53:57.6M 70+2FloridaNew York17:24 min/m
6793Manny CIRENZA00:24:17.7M 50-591GANSEVOORTNew York7:50 min/m
40782Lisa WHITE00:50:04.7F 50-596HIGHLAND MILLSNew York16:09 min/m
38760Michael WHITE00:50:02.7M 19-292HIGHLAND MILLSNew York16:08 min/m
39783Jaimie WHITE00:50:04.7F 15-181HIGHLAND MILLSNew York16:09 min/m
35849Eileen FEENEY00:44:01.7F 40-493HIGHLAND MLSNew York14:12 min/m
46857Chris RYSHKEWITCH00:54:51.7M 40-493JohnsonNew York17:41 min/m
48858Kim RYSHKEWITCH00:55:00.2F 40-495JohnsonNew York17:44 min/m
44859Julia RYSHKEWITCH00:53:41.9F 15-184JohnsonNew York17:19 min/m
43860Sophia RYSHKEWITCH00:53:41.7F 14-2JohnsonNew York17:19 min/m
34898Mary WOOD00:43:59.3F 60-691LONG VALLEYNew Jersey14:11 min/m
36755Barbara CONKLIN00:44:37.0F 50-595MONROENew York14:23 min/m
2876Matthew SANSO00:21:20.3Top3 Male2MonroeNew York6:53 min/m
47855Michelle DIXON00:54:56.4F 40-494New HamptonNew York17:43 min/m
41856Krystal DIXON00:53:37.5F 15-182NEW HAMPTONNew York17:17 min/m
42892Beth MCKEON00:53:41.4F 15-183New HamptonNew York17:19 min/m
27900Don LUBARSLY00:35:47.1M 50-595NEW WINDSORNew York11:32 min/m
20758Pat DECKER00:30:15.0M 50-593NEW WINDSORNew York9:45 min/m
19759John PONESS00:30:09.4M 50-592NEW WINDSORNew York9:43 min/m
23885Kristen DECKER00:32:57.7F 50-592New WindsorNew York10:37 min/m
4784Lauren YUNKER00:22:16.1Top3 Female1NEW WINDSORNew York7:11 min/m
28888Kristen SCHUELER00:36:17.0F 30-393NewburghNew York11:42 min/m
15889Cathy WHITE00:29:30.0F 50-591NewburghNew York9:30 min/m
18878Isabelle SCHEMBRI00:29:46.2F 14-1North salemNew York9:36 min/m
14879Christine SCHEMBRI00:29:24.9F 40-491North salemNew York9:29 min/m
29844Anthony SCHEMBRI00:38:51.9M 40-492North salemNew York12:32 min/m
8754Gary ST. ONGE00:27:01.7M 60-691PLEASANT VALLEYNew York8:43 min/m
17795Mackenzie LOZANO00:29:37.3F 19-291SLINGERLANDSNew York9:33 min/m
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