Mighty North Fork Vineyard 5K
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4 Jun 2017
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214421Tina Raache00:40:46.5F 65-692Female New York13:09 min/m
132422Carrie Rittberg00:33:55.2F 40-449Female New York10:56 min/m
210447Jennifer Shanahan00:40:03.9F 45-4919Female New York12:55 min/m
240423Paige Rittberg00:44:09.8F 13-2Female New York14:14 min/m
127446Nicole Tanaro00:33:41.0F 40-448Female New York10:51 min/m
239424Colin Heeg00:44:09.7M 13-3Male New York14:14 min/m
281415Christine Byrnes00:56:51.7F 50-5412Female New York18:20 min/m
217413Adam Odell00:41:24.1M 13-2Male New York13:21 min/m
23414Kristine Odell00:24:46.9F 40-441Female New York7:59 min/m
47412Colleen Rifer00:27:17.4F 25-294Female New York8:48 min/m
191403Lance Margolin00:38:10.5M 55-595Male New York12:18 min/m
166420Michael Rolston00:36:10.0M 40-4410Male New York11:40 min/m
35411Scott Gelber00:26:19.1M 35-393Male New York8:29 min/m
56419Marcia Maldonado00:28:01.9F 35-396Female New York9:02 min/m
59445Ethan Helgans00:28:09.8M 25-297Male New York9:05 min/m
245416Heather Delloy00:46:13.6F 30-3434Female New York14:54 min/m
139417Stephanie Feerick00:34:12.6F 35-3915Female New York11:02 min/m
88444Sarah Dennehy00:30:49.1F 19-245Female New York9:56 min/m
98418Christine Fetton00:31:57.0F 40-446Female New York10:18 min/m
75435Frank Ceparano00:29:31.0M 35-396Male New York9:31 min/m
116434Krystal Ceparano00:33:07.5F 30-3413Female New York10:41 min/m
293464Alyssa Familette01:01:18.8F 19-2419Female New York19:46 min/m
40432John Vetter00:26:55.3M 50-541Male New York8:41 min/m
55433Michael Salvarezza00:27:51.9M 55-592Male New York8:59 min/m
216463Kerry Conrady00:41:13.5F 25-2930Female New York13:17 min/m
54431Lauren Palagi00:27:49.0F 35-395Female New York8:58 min/m
6430John Obrien00:20:52.1M 45-491Male New York6:43 min/m
272429Ann Sellick00:54:16.9F 55-599Female New York17:30 min/m
111428Holly Cibelli00:32:35.1F 45-496Female New York10:30 min/m
292449Marissa Familette01:01:17.7F 35-3933Female New York19:46 min/m
143427Claudia Berry00:34:17.3F 45-499Female New York11:03 min/m
202426Lenny Green00:39:35.2M 45-497Male New York12:46 min/m
12425Jason Marales00:23:05.0M 40-442Male New York7:26 min/m
261396Briana Wood00:51:33.9F 35-3931FemaleAlbertsonNew York16:38 min/m
106177Kathleen Ether00:32:17.0F 50-542FemaleAmityvilleNew York10:24 min/m
17181Cathleen Ficht00:23:59.0F 25-291FemaleAstoriaNew York7:44 min/m
31146Joshua Clarke00:26:00.3M 30-341MaleAstoriaNew York8:23 min/m
130200Jennifer Gorotiza00:33:51.2F 30-3415FemaleAstoriaNew York10:55 min/m
66237Kaitlyn Lange00:28:56.2F 25-298FemaleAstoriaNew York9:20 min/m
133211Ellen Hogan00:33:58.4F 45-498FemaleBabylonNew York10:57 min/m
266182Nicole Field00:52:02.9F 25-2943FemaleBabylonNew York16:47 min/m
230234Rachel Kugelmass00:42:07.3F 25-2937FemaleBaldwinNew York13:35 min/m
125395Elizabeth Wolfrom00:33:39.8F 35-3912FemaleBaldwinNew York10:51 min/m
80288Grace Moran00:29:54.5F 30-347FemaleBaldwinNew York9:38 min/m
181354Elizabeth Silveria00:37:37.1F 45-4912FemaleBarringtonRhode Island12:08 min/m
104107Marcianne Andreozzi00:32:11.3F 45-494FemaleBarringtonRhode Island10:23 min/m
158229Monika Kloc00:35:38.5F 30-3419FemaleBay ShoreNew York11:29 min/m
192392Kathleen Williamson00:38:19.2F 45-4916FemaleBay ShoreNew York12:21 min/m
280380Joseph Trifiletti00:56:10.1M 30-348MaleBayportNew York18:07 min/m
33381Heather Trifiletti00:26:12.5F 30-343FemaleBayportNew York8:27 min/m
Page 1 of 6 (293 items)