Governors Island Swim
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01 July 2017
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Overall Rank
Race No
Div Rank
1325Ed Stoner00:37:01Top3 Male143MaleGardinerNew YorkWave 3
2328Flavio Toi00:38:09Top3 Male251Male  Wave 3
3142Josh Weinstein00:38:40Top3 Male344MaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 1
4324Sebastian Moll00:38:45M 50-59152MaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 1
5323John Hughes00:38:55M 50-59255MaleStamford CtConnecticutWave 3
6214Casey Sawyer00:43:15M 19-119MaleSyracuseNew YorkWave 2
7211Edward Riley00:43:49M 50-59358MaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 2
8126James Mcspiritt00:45:13M 50-59456MaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 1
9122Jennifer Langgons00:45:16Top3 Female140FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 1
10326Meaghan Kwarcinski00:45:44Top3 Female223FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 3
11204Paula Croxson00:45:53Top3 Female337FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 2
12315Richard Jibb00:45:59M 40-49143MaleMonroeNew YorkWave 3
13212Fleur Sohtz00:46:14F 30-39138FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 2
14104Colin Burke00:47:15M 30-39135MaleLondon Wave 1
15210Guillaume Fouche00:47:39M 30-39234MaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 2
16218Joshua Needleman00:48:21M 50-59551MaleBronxNew YorkWave 2
17227Justin Dutta00:48:37M 20-29125MalePittsburghPennsylvaniaWave 2
18105Kathleen Crowell00:48:55F 40-49145FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 1
19225Lori Carena00:48:57F 60+163FemaleBrooklynNew YorkWave 2
20107Keri-Nicole Dillman00:49:08F 40-49244FemaleMedfordMassachusettsWave 1
21115Adele Goldberg00:49:18F 30-39238FemaleFlushingNew YorkWave 1
22219Kenn Lichtenwalter00:49:18M 50-59652MaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 2
23215Paul Hunt00:49:32M 40-49245MaleBrooklynNew YorkWave 2
24213Elik Hirsch00:49:32M 40-49345MaleBelleroseNew YorkWave 2
25130Emily O'connor00:49:43F 30-39336FemaleRye BrookNew YorkWave 1
26203Neile Cooper00:49:45F 40-49341FemaleSpartaNew JerseyWave 2
27136Kristina Saxena00:49:55F 30-39438FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 1
28125Rick Martin00:50:10M 40-49448MaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 1
29220Mike Topp00:52:29M 50-59758MaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 2
30207Melinda Beck00:52:40F 50-59150FemaleBrooklynNew YorkWave 2
31224Alison Rogers00:52:56F 40-49447FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 2
32221Stephanie Seiler00:52:57F 40-49543FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 2
33201Mikiko Yamashita00:53:20F 50-59250FemaleBrooklynNew YorkWave 2
34226Nicholas Burnham00:53:21M 50-59852MaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 2
35140Patricia Smith00:53:46F 40-49649FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 1
36302Melissa Carey00:54:05F 20-29125FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 3
37303Alexis Kulash00:54:09F 20-29222FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 3
38305John Kilcullen00:54:12M 50-59950MaleStaten IslandNew YorkWave 3
39311Zahava Lipton00:54:18F 30-39531FemaleAstoriaNew YorkWave 3
40310Jennifer Snyder00:54:29F 30-39636FemaleBrooklynNew YorkWave 3
41318James Schall00:54:34M 50-591056MalePlymouthPennsylvaniaWave 3
42312Amelia Possanza00:54:35F 20-29326FemaleBrooklynNew YorkWave 3
43308Marty Munson00:54:50F 50-59353FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 3
44327Richard Infield00:54:57M 50-591158MaleValley StreamNew YorkWave 3
45313Carmen Menocal00:55:00F 40-49743FemaleBrooklynNew YorkWave 3
46314Mary Stabinsky00:55:18F 40-49840FemalePlainsPennsylvaniaWave 3
47304Alison Jones00:55:33F 50-59450FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 3
48322Rachel Golub00:56:29F 40-49940FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 3
49316Janet Harris00:56:30F 50-59551FemaleNew YorkNew YorkWave 3
50138Janine Serell00:56:45F 50-59655FemaleIsle Of PalmsSouth CarolinaWave 1
Page 1 of 2 (69 items)